SEVA Meeting Minutes – November 2018

SEVA Meeting Minutes – 13 Nov 2018
Jay Donaway presided.

Board meeting mentioned.

Board positions open for reelection: Treasurer, Vice President

Holiday Party: December 11th

A-M brings main dishes

N-Z brings dessert and sides

EAA Board Positions are open (at large – assignments after the board is convened).

Plug-in America – 2nd Annual events around Earth Day.

1st time attendees:  Richard the ham radio operator, Fran Sullivan, Paul from Shoreline, Craig Wall (Solar Washington), Carl Jantz, Steve Nerl, Brian senior at UW, Garrett, Randy Silver, Mike

Steve Lough encouraged us to place brochures and fliers for SEVA meetings


Jeff Finn  –  official poll put sales tax exemption as #1 priority.  #2 Public utilities to install EVSEs on customer properties, #3 redirect $50 to the charging infrastructure.

(How to Lobby)

#1 who to contact to arrange a meeting

#2 request in-person meeting

#3 prepare for the meeting (how has your EV improved your life)

#4 your actions during the meeting

#5 report your meeting’s results to SEVA

Dos and Don’ts:

#1 make it personal by telling your EV story

#2 stay focused and be prepared

#3 anticipate an opponent’s arguments

#4 show gratitude and respect


#1 do not ramble on

#2 do not be unprofessional or combative

#3 do not try to be an expert on all things EV

#4 do not leave without getting a commitment of support or the reason for non-support

Stephen Johnson – Pat McCue – Shock and Awe Racing
Discussed the eCOPO Camaro (EV) drag car

Smart Electric car that was wrecked being sold for $1600 scrap – salvage

Stephen Johnson showed photos of other EVs from SEMA.

Raffle winner was drawn.

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