Heavy Duty EVs

  • Proterra 45-Foot Transit Bus.

When You Need (An Electric) Heavy-Duty Working Vehicle

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternate Fuels Data Center is a good place to find out about alternate fueled vehicles of all types although it doesn’t include every vehicle available.

Here are few notable vehicles:


  • MX30 (battery-electric from Balgon, seem to be out of business?)

Light/Medium  Duty Trucks:

  • VTRUX (Via motors)
  • Ford E450 (battery-electric version of Ford E450 by Motiv and Ford)
  • Odyne (Retro-fit Hybrid Powertrains)


  • e-NV200 (Nissan)
  • Van (Via Motors)
  • XLHybrids (Electric Hybrid Powertrains)


  • Catalyst (battery-electric City Bus from Proterra)
  • EQO450 (battery-electric shuttle bus from Balgon)
  • SST-e (battery-electric school bus from Motiv)
  • Shuttle Bus (battery-electric school bus from Motiv)

Garbage Trucks:

  • ERV (battery-electric garbage truck from Motiv)

An interesting farm vehicle – http://www.bbc.com/autos/story/20140819-farm-tractor-of-the-future

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