Other EV Groups We Like

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    North Sound Electric Auto Association


Are a Pacific Northwest dweller that’s interested in electric cars but don’t live in Seattle? There are several other EVA groups near you!

We also highly recommend checking out national groups like Plug In America and the main Electric Auto Association sites to find meeting and interest groups in other states.

Img of EVA Logo
The Electric Auto Association  is a national, educational non-profit to promote the use of electric vehicles. SEVA is a chapter of the EAA.

Img of North Sound EVA Logo
The North Sound Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) is the Northern Washington chapter of the Electric Auto Association (EAA), a non-profit organization that has promoted electric vehicles since 1967.

Img of Mid-Columbia EVA Logo
Mid-Columbia EVA  is Southeast Washington’s Leading Electric Vehicle Club. We are a chapter of Electric Auto Association, here to help bring awareness and progress to electric vehicles in the Southeast Washington region.

Img of Plug In Olympia Logo
Plug In Olympia’s mission is to  educate individuals and businesses, within the State of Washington and especially Thurston County, regarding the need to encourage usage of electric vehicles and thereby promote sustainability, encourage installation of electric vehicle plug-in outlets by businesses, cities, State and public agencies for their customers and employees and maintain a reference list of these plug-in locations.

Img of Oregon EVA Logo
The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association (OEVA) is a non-profit association of electric vehicle enthusiasts. We promote electric vehicle education and encourage their safe construction and use. We are part of the Multnomah Hot Rod Council and a chapter of the Electric Auto Association.

Img of San Juans EVA Logo
San Juan Islands Electric Vehicle Association  (SJIEVA) T is the San Juan County, WA Chapter of the Electric Auto Association (EAA).

Img of Plug-In North Central Washington
Plug-In North Central WA  strongly supports electric vehicle tourism in North Central Washington State.

Img of Vancouver EVA Assoc
Vancouver, BC EVA  was registered Feb 1, 1988 under the Societies Act of British Columbia as a Non-Profit Organization that promotes the use of Battery Powered Electric Vehicles. While our membership is drawn largely from the lower mainland we have members from all over BC as well as other provinces and states.

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