SEVA Meeting Minutes – October 2018

SEVA Meeting Minutes- October  9, 2018
Jay Donnaway, president, opened the meeting.

First-time visitors were introduced:  Doug Weathers, Elizabeth Elias (Kia Soul), Peter Senkirk, Drew (power bike).

Cam LeHouilier, resource planning manager at Tacoma Power —

  •             Thank you to SEVA
  •              The value of EVs (driver benefits, environmental benefits, security benefits, utility benefits)
  •              Why does EV transport make sense?
  •              What role should the utility play in EVs?
  •              EV Market Transformation
  •              Legal Issues (gift of public funds, legal authority)
  •              Factors that Influence the EV decision
  •              Addressing Range Anxiety
  •              Challenge of Public Charging
  •               TPU’s Early Support for EVs (adopted West Coast Electric Highway pledg
  •             DC Fast Charging Stations at LeMay
  •             EV Ride and Drive Events (139 rides in July, 112 rides in September
  •             EV Discount Program (goes through Nov 30th – Tacoma City website $5K discount on LEAF
  •             Other Projects – DC Fast charge usage cost, Level 2 stations in Tacoma, school buses,
    ocean vessels, street-side charging
  •            Question from Grace: Is time of day charging being considered?  A: yes, but waiting for smart metering
  •            Question: Will smart meters do V2G?  A: port of Tacoma and buses may have V2G, but due to the flexibility of                  hydro power it doesn’t make a lot of financial sense here.


Chad Schwitters presenting on Conversion Rates (EV ride/drives in context):

* Only One Factor is Necessary (knowing it is possible to build/buy an EV)
* It’s all about the Conversion Rate
* EV Ride/Drives Events are Key (86% of car purchases are preceded by a drive)
* Potential Buyers’ top EV Fears (cost, convenience, enjoyment)
* EV Owners’ top features (TCO, convenience, enjoyment)
* Ride/Drive Events are expensive (to lower costs raise the conversion rate)
* Improving Conversion Rates (improving the events)
* Test drives are not enough
* Awareness (knowledge helps)
* Dealer Preparedness
* Utility Preparedness
* Infrastructure (L2 stations are not helpful)
* Incentives (financial, rebates, HOV?)
* Community Support (don’t try expensive cars to people who can’t afford them)

Jeff Finn presenting (PEV Frequently Asked Questions -Draft-):

Q: Aren’t EVs like golf carts and not powerful?

Q: Why bother with EVs when they are more expensive?

Q: Don’t EVs really pollute just as much as gasoline cars?

Q: Why should taxpayers subsidize EVs?

Q: Why incentivise EV purchases?

Q: Do I need to worry about where to charge EVs?

Q: Can you tell me more about the VW settlement regarding EVs?

Legislative Priorities for 2019 – Draft –

  1. Reinstate the EV clean fuels tax exemption
  2. Allow public utilities to install PEV infrastructure just as investor-owned utilities
  3. Redirect the annual $50 EV license fee into EV charging infrastructure

Picture of Seattle’s first EV

Arvie Morris presented:  Education event happening after the election at the Swedish Center on Dexter (November 11th).  It is a webinar as well as in-person event.

Cars and Coffee event (Oct 27th @ 9AM).  Kevin Bose volunteered.

Jeff Finn has SEVA nametags available for purchase at $6 ea.

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