SEVA Award

  • Image of Tesla Model X and Model S
    SEVA member Deb Seymour enjoys the long-range capacity of her white 2014 Tesla Model S. This photo was taken of her with her WA license-plated car in Salt Lake City, UT!

Kudos & Recognition

The  annual SEVA Award is given to SEVA members that have accomplished significant and lasting contributions for electric vehicles.  Past award winners have been:

2017 – Kent Bakke. Long-time SEVA member, lithium pioneer, generous EV philanthropist, owner and demonstrator of many EVs.

2016 – Chuck Benson. Creative tinkerer, efficiency guru, long-time EV advocate and SEVA supporter.  Chuck hosted many, many meetings at his house and served as Treasurer…[read more here]

2015 – Rich Rudman.  Over a decade of EV racing and providing unique chargers and battery systems for people doing conversions. Visit Rich at Manzanita Micro.

2014 – Jeremy and Pam Smithson.  Decades of solar installations and EV driving and more recently dozens of EV charging station installations as well as hosting a Charge for Change location. Visit them at Puget Sound Solar.

2013 – Dave Cloud.  The late Dave Cloud (d. 2018) was by far the most prolific converter of gas cars to EV in our association. Dave had a decade and a half of conversion experience as well as many EV racing records (dragsters, electrathon, bicycle and hydroplane) …[read more here…]

2012 – Don “Father Time” Crabtree.  Over a decade of pioneering home engineering as well as help toward people and his own impressive EV drag racing creations.  He raced well into his 70’s …[read more here]

2011 – Jeff Finn.  Many electric miles and carshows for Voltrunner plus massive amounts of legislative work done including the incredibly Pro-EV bill HB1481 from 2009,  name badges, static cling window stickers, Charge-for-Change and much more. Jeff is also currently the Treasurer of Plug In America.

2010 – Steve Lough.  Decades of EV advocacy.  EV sales at his dealership and keeping SEVA alive when almost nobody knew about EVs and small handfuls of people coming to the meetings. President Emeritus of SEVA.