Parts, Supplies, & Know-How

Img of Deb Seymour's ZENN car with new Lithium Ion Batteries. Installed by Manzanitia Micro

Need some parts? We know who to send you to!

SEVA proudly supports our friends who keep us supplied with electric vehicle parts,  supplies and lots of  know-how:

Img of Bruce Sherry Designs Logo
Bruce Sherry Designs   (Woodinville, WA)

Img of Mazanita Micro Logo
Manzanita Micro (Kingston, WA)

Img of Plasma Boy EV Racing LOGO
Plasma Boy Racing (Portland, OR)

Other Notable Mentions

Img of Dave Cloud Electric Racing Car
Dave Cloud Electric Racing (Woodinville, WA)
(no website: email only) The late Dave Cloud (d. 2018) was by far the most prolific converter of gas cars to EV in our association. Dave had a decade and a half of conversion experience as well as many EV racing records (dragsters, electrathon, bicycle and hydroplane)

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