Who We Are

  • Image of a red Tesla Model S at the race track
    There are many good reasons to go electric and most EV owners love the rapid acceleration! At Pacific Raceways local Tesla owners run sub13 second times in the quarter mile at well over 100 mph!

Who We Are

The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) is a non-profit organization serving the Puget Sound region in Washington State since 1979.

SEVA’s mission is to educate, demonstrate and proliferate the adoption of electric vehicles.  Membership is free and open to anyone interested in electric vehicles.  You do not have to own an electric vehicle to join.

SEVA is the second-largest chapter of the national Electric Auto Association, and SEVA encourages its members to join the EAA.



“Built it and they will come”. SEVA began in 1979 when the United States was in the throes of its third gas crises…[…read more…]


Each year, we award one of our members whose outstanding accomplishments have had significant and lasting contributions for electric vehicles above and beyond our community.  Read more about these outstanding individuals here.



As a registered 501 (c) 3, the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association is required to have by laws that govern our organization.

Here are the SEVA By Laws governing SEVA.


SEVA’s Directory of Officers can be found on our “contact” page: click here to access