Charging your EV


  • West Coast Green Highway Aerovironment DC Charging Station on Hwy 2 in Skykomish, WA

Plug ‘N’ Go!

Most of us do some sort of charging in our everyday lives.  Cell phones, laptops, cordless drills and other appliances get charged every day, and electric vehicles are no different.

Most EV owners plug in at home at the end of the day and charge their cars at night while they sleep. In fact, about 90 percent of charging is done at home. But if you do need to charge while away from home, many options are available in the Seattle area.

LEVELS – Here are the types, or “Levels,” of EV charging:

Level I – Slow, the slowest level.  It is 110 volts, and can typically use any indoor or outdoor grounded, or 3-pronged, electrical outlet.  Takes about 19 hours for a 24kWhr battery.



Level II – Medium, is 220 volts (similar to an electric dryer).  Level II charging can be utilized by installing a charging station in your garage or at your home. In addition, many public facilities such as parking garages, malls, retail stores, public buildings, hotels, park-and-rides and large employers have Level II charging stations available. These charging stations utilize a J1772 plug configuration. Takes about 3-7 hours for a 24kWhr battery.


Image of CCHAdeMO & SAE  ComboPlugLevel III
– “Quick charging,”  uses 440Volts and takes less than an hour. Level III chargers can be found on major highways and a few other locations. These stations utilize  either a special CHAdeMO (left) or SAE Combo (right) connector plug.


EV Charging

View our Charging Chart to estimate how long it will take your electric vehicle to charge.