SEVA Meeting Minutes – June 2015

SEVA Meeting Minutes:  June 9 2015, called to order, officers introduced. 38 persons in attendance.

EV OF THE MONTH:  The Rock-Crawler!  Rich shared some pictures and some technical data with the membership.  As always, SEVA is the place to be for people interested in conversions.  This former ’84 pre-Tacoma pick-up truck has been transformed into an EV 4×4!

MEMBERSHIP:  If you are not a member, please consider joining.  If you are a member, please take a moment to make sure your membership is current and that your contact information is up to date.  Today, we welcome TWO new people, who both found out about SEVA through social media.  Never underestimate the power of networking and advertising.

SEVA is on Facebook and at:

GREENWOOD CAR SHOW – June 27th.  This is the “Super Bowl” of the car show season.  Members are encouraged to fill out their car show applications as soon as possible.  Steve Lough, who is organizing SEVA’s participation, hopes to see you there.  Steve has announced that our “count” is at 33 cars and that number is sure to go up.  The Loughs have graciously offered the use of their home again for the “after” party.

LAGUNA SECA — Friday June 26th will be the Sixth Annual Re-Fuel at Laguna Seca. in Monterey California  It has been SO POPULAR that the entry fee has gone from 0 to $90 but you can bring any EV and race on the world famous track.

Sunday June 28 will be the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb, and the rumors are flying that EVs are going to own the course.  EVs don’t need the oxygen that ICEs do, therefore EVs have a significant advantage at altitude (plus all of that immediate torque!)

NW SOLARFEST – Saturday, July 25th.  A big, big event.  And it’s free.  Sign up and bring your EV to show!

FATHER’S DAY CAR SHOW IN BURIEN! – They are always looking for EVs.  Sign up today!

THE SEVA AWARD – Dedicated to Steven Lough “for keeping the flame lit for 30 years,” our Super Electric Vehicle Advocate (SEVA) goes to Rich Rudman for the engineering and manufacturing of components that take electric vehicles beyond the extreme.

WORLD EV SYMPOSIUM (EVS-28)– Ron Easley went to Korea to participate in the World EV Symposium, and he shared some photographs and stories with the membership.  Worldwide, EV sales are up 54% from last year.  EV sales have increased fourfold, but that’s nothing compared to Europe, which has experienced a twenty-five-fold increase in EV sales in the course of ONE YEAR.  EVs are the top sellers in Sweden.
This massively popular event included a tour of LG’s research lab (sorry – no pictures!) a. Next year, the symposium will be held in Montreal!

Ron also shared photos from Manila, Phillipines where he visited the electric bus company Pangea where a former Seattle/Tacoma EVer Travis Travelstead is working building 100% electric buses!

LOOK WHAT I MADE AT SCHOOL TODAY! – Pat McCue and Stephen Johnsen shared some pictures from the Bothell High School EV drag car project … an insanely powered 700kW all-brushless racing vehicle, named “Shock and Awe”.  The presentation included a visit to a machine shop, which highlighted the need for machinists and other high-tech jobs for students in the future. Pat is the instructor at Bothell High School and drove to the SEVA meeting in the shiny black BMW electric vehicle that the class converted a few years ago.
Will “Shock and Awe” appear at the Greenwood Auto Show?  Keep your eyes open!

Can you drive up to  Paradise at Mount Rainier in anything other than a Tesla?  President Stephen can!  He showed the membership a slide show and told his saga about taking his home-converted DC motor powered electric Fiero up to Paradise.

Meeting adjourned at 9:04pm