Parking Violation

It may not seem like it, but electric cars are all around you. In Washington State, over 10,000 electric cars were sold in 2013 alone. One in every sixty registered vehicles in Washington is now electric!

Example Charger Sign
Example Charger Sign

Usually, electric car drivers charge at home while they are sleeping. But sometimes, if they’re going on a longer trip, they need to charge at a public charging station instead in order to get the distance they are traveling.

If you park in front of a charging station, you may be preventing a driver from getting to their destination, whether it’s home, work, shopping, or visiting relatives. It’s not only impolite to do this, it’s also illegal in Washington — in fact, you can be ticketed just as if you’d parked in a handicapped spot: $124!

So it would be great if you did not park in such a place in the future. Sometimes chargers may not be very apparent, so please keep an eye out when you’re parking. And if you’re interested, please check out the rest of our website for more information about electric cars.