SEVA Meeting Minutes – June 2018

SEVA Meeting 12 June 2018

Matthew Metz – government fleets were to have been electric or bio-diesel already “where practical”.  There are studies that show that the Bolt is more economical in a fleet than gasoline cars.  This is an opportunity to force the discussion about how EVs belong in public fleets – Cotura, Drive Electric Washington, and other organizations want to leverage this law to engage with governments.  Cotura is trying to get legislation in California to stop sales of new gasoline vehicles in 2040.

Jake Wade from Seattle City Light – they are looking into EVs because Seattle wants to be carbon neutral by 2050.  65% of Seattle carbon comes from transportation.  Seattle does not anticipate increases in demand – so revenues are flat.  EVs have a net benefit to ratepayers because no new infrastructure would be required.  Most EV owners use Level 1 charging although they prefer Level 2 charging at home.  Public pilot: 20 stations starting at 10-15 sites (2 per site).  10-year payback.  50kW.  Each charging station is seeing 2 charges per-day.  (Average is 10kWh usage for 30 minutes.)  EV adoption and Level 2 home EVSE installations are higher in north Seattle than they are in South.

New attendees: Wayne interested in conversions, Will Tilsey from Greenwood Nights Car Show, Cole Dalton has custom electric motorcycles, Tom Gurski developed bolt-on electric drives, Chris is EV enthusiast.

Mark Schiller – car shows – 30th Greenwood car show (more registrations needed), 17th – Fenders on Front Street, National Drive Electric Week in September, Burien Father’s Day show, Bellevue on the 11th.

VW Electrify America – distributing $2B spent on charging infrastructure, network of charging stations on heavily traveled highways in 39 states, 1400 DC charging stations – 4 units per location, 1300 stations at workplaces and multi-family housing – metro areas and not cities, 70 miles between stations.  4 stations will be installed on I-90.

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