SEVA Meeting Minutes – April 2019

SEVA Meeting Tuesday, April 9th 2019

Board Members attending: Jay Donnaway, president; Grace Reamer, vice-president; Lee Howard, secretary; Brian Henderson, treasurer.

Jeff Finn – the state House Environment and Energy Committee SB5811 – ZEV mandate – did not take action; if we want this kind of legislation then we need to have more EV owners/drivers communicate to legislators; legislation for public utility involvement in EVSE or EV purchase incentives – bill is still alive for this session; clean fuels bill by Rep. Fitzgibbon – if it can pass this session it can provide funds for state incentives for EVSEs and public charging stations; there are 3 competing bills for sales tax incentives for EV purchases – negotiations are upcoming – two bills introduce additional fees to EV registrations.

New SEVA name badges are available for $6 from Jeff Finn.

Joint event with Tesla Owners Club at Wildhorse Wind Farm in August at the Perseid meteor shower.

Brad Bronklemeyer – Electric Power Research Institute smart charging.  Prediction is that all cars will be electric by 2025 due to economics.  Gasoline cars may start being banned by 2030.  Will the grid support this increase in use of electric vehicles?  Flexible demand technology.  Mobile application that works with vehicle APIs to modify charging times.  “Smart Charge App” in the app store.  Manages charging through time, location.  Provides detailed information for utilities, can stop and start charging to fleets, etc.  Potentially paid for by utilities.

Brian Henderson – bank account had $5,200 but there was a $17,500 donation in the post office box donated through Seattle Foundation.  Amazon “Smile” account will generate donations, also.

Grace Reamer – Tesla update.  What is going to happen with Tesla in Washington State?  If Telsa goes to on-line sales then we will need to provide test rides/drives with potential EV owners.  Model Y was unveiled a few weeks ago – built on the Model 3 chassis.  Will be a cross between the Model 3 and the Model X – can be ordered on-line.  It is best to request support through the on-line account or app or through email; phone support is slow.

Steven Johnson – Lyft will provide Chevy Bolts for drivers who do a lot of driving and do not want to use their own vehicle.  Bellevue Community College Earth Day EV car show.  Friday, April 26th meet at 9:30AM.  He toured the Tesla factory in Fremont, California.  All Model X, S, and 3 were made in the Fremont factory.  Tesla owners and suppliers can have tours.  Tours must be reserved in advance (usually months).  The factory can hold 55 Costco warehouses inside.  Watching the production of the cars was quite amazing.  eCopo – raced in Las Vegas 9.7-second 1/4-mile.


South Sound Climate, XXX Root Beer show Sept 15th, Green Transportation Summit and Expo (21st-23rd), Burien Father’s Day Show, EV Roadmap in Portland, Greenwood Car Show, July 27th – Solarfest, National Drive Electric Week in Steilacoom, Joint campout with Tesla owners club.

Craig Painter – August 31st LeMay Museum Marymount Car Show in Spanaway.

April is “Drive Electric Earth-day Month”.

Raffle was drawn.

Veteran’s Day parade in Auburn

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