Board Meeting Minutes- June 12, 2018

SEVA Board Meeting
Attending:  Jay Donnaway, Mark Schiller, Mark Yormark, Lee Howard, Phil

Discussion: EAA “Statement of Affiliation”.  Mark Schiller explained the history of SEVA’s association  with the EAA and the problems.  EAA provides insurance for two shows, and they provide the “Current Events” newsletter.  He explained some of the problems – they went dark and don’t distribute any of the enrollment monies.

Mark Yormark explained that the organization needs to have an EIN.

Phil – can we do something that maintains our association with the EAA for the benefit of insurance.

Jay Donnaway reviewed the EAA Bylaws and Code of Ethics of the Association.

Phil proposed that we require an annual report from the EAA in order for us to send the chapter dues.


Request annual report.
Let EAA keep the dues received directly by them…
SEVA will keep the dues received directly.
Continue as EAA chapter “type I”.
EAA members will get “Current Events”.
We will not use the EAA EIN for SEVA.
SEVA meetings should include a message about dues – they can be EAA and/or SEVA members.

The board voted unanimously to continue as an EAA chapter “type I”.
The board voted unanimously to join AmazonSmile – Mark Schiller will do the registration.

Meeting was adjourned

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