SEVA Meeting Minutes – April 2018

Seattle Electric Vehicle Association meeting Tuesday, May 8th 2018.   

Attending: 36 (at the start… more came later)

Mark Schiller VP conducting.
Lee Howard secretary
Mark Yormark treasurer
Phillip Skoog

Phillip spoke about insurance matters for shows and rides vs. drives.

New attendees were invited to introduce themselves:  Dwane Nicola (‘64 Nova conversion),Scott (wants to do a conversion),Rick Henderson (Kia Soul EV, Model S), James Bush (Bolt), Jeff McCord (LEAF).
Greenwood Car Show needs more people (Saturday, June 30th).

Sales and Use Tax exemption expires June 1st.

EV Roadmap Conference June 19th + 20th (Portland)  $300 registration, but Kevin said that if you volunteer it is $25.

Epic Roadshow visitors coming to Mariners game need help with EV charging.

Grace and Phil shared XXX Rootbeer Car show (85 registered less maybe 5)

Steven Johnson reported about Bellevue College show and on the Wind and Solar Event.

Steven Johnson reported that Pat McCue will report next month on the Shock-And-Awe racing.

Steven Johnson shared some experience with a burned out Tesla contactor, and he brought one that had been opened up and passed it around.

Jeff Finn – the Bellevue National Drive Electric event will be held on September 11th at 4:00.  The SEVA meeting will be held afterwards at 7:30.  If you sign up by June 30th to attend the event you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift certificate.  The drawing will be held at the SEVA meeting afterwards.

Phil reported about the Forth networking event.  They’re trying to have an event in Seattle.

Steven Lough mentioned the Women’s Panel on EVs – over YouTube.

Grace reported about “Women of Electric Vehicles”.

Brian – at Pacific Raceways, Green Fleet Transportation – UPS showed an electric truck.  There was an electric school bus.  Electrify America presented their plans.  He showed videos of the races.

Brian – LeMay Museum will be having a DC charger and destination charging installed in July.

Mark Schiller – the City of Seattle has money to electrify the fleet.

Raejean Fellows, the EAA president presented… 

* showed a video of a track race between a Model S and a Porcshe.
* shared a short biography of herself
* shared an experience about EV owner-educators showing their cars to the “EV-curious”
* the role of the EAA is collaborative in working along with other organizations
* the EAA is unique in that it is 50 years old and has expertise and over 50 chapters
* the EAA provides chapters with various organizational assistance
* the San Diego chapter story
* roadmap to growth – roles, toolkit, EV owner-educators, events

Ideas – hand out business cards with meeting information to invite; get interesting speakers; events with event leaders; pre-event organization teleconferences; show the agenda before the meetings; cookies; trial memberships; roadtrip stories

Chapter Toolkit includes – banners, tents, flags, business cards, show belts, sign-up free newsletter, EV 101, polo shirts, “ask me” buttons

Upcoming chapter building events – webinars

Ideas from the group:

* host members from other chapters for charging or possible accommodations
* post the agenda on social media
* chapter calendars
* insurance for drives
* merchandise

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