SEVA Meeting Minutes – October 2014

SEVA Meeting Minutes: October 14, 2014, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 54 persons in attendance.

NEW FORMAT – Taking effect in November, we will be changing our meeting format. In the future, we will have a “Featured Vehicle” every month. For October, we had Stefan and David of Seattle Electric Bike demonstrate their line of e-bikes. Our “Featured Vehicle” was a pedal-assist vehicle that puts out 600% of the work you put in.

REPORT ON UPCOMING EVENTS – John Rue (our events coordinator) announced the National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Odyssee Day, this Friday, at Wenatchee Community College. Also, MC Electric will be one of the vendors at the Seattle International Auto Show this weekend. MC Electric is looking for volunteers! Contact Roy Lemur if you are interested.

RECAP FROM LAST MONTH – The event at XXX Root Beer was a major success. We will be doing it again next year! Also, Silent Thunder went very well, and Pacific Raceways wants to do it again on Sunday, Sep 20, 2015. Some travel writers were escorted along the Cascade Loop in LEAFs provided by Nissan and the work of our friend Ron Johnston-Rodriguez. The Ballard show was a big success, with a lot of people declaring “My next car is going to be electric!” Philip Skoog had the only EV among the 450+ cars present at the Snohomish car show.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! – We had five new people! Welcome!

SEVA CALENDAR – We will have the SEVA Calendars available for the November meeting. Email with your great EV pictures. Our president has assured us that the 2015 calendars will actually say 2015 on them.

REMINDER – Sign up for your EAA membership! In addition to receiving the newsletter, Current Events, but listing SEVA as your chapter entitles SEVA to some of the monies, as well as automatically makes SEVA eligible for the insurance coverage necessary for car shows.

BOARD MEETING RECAP – In an effort to maintain transparency of SEVA business, President Johnsen gave a recap of the Board’s business at their last meeting.

NEW BOARD MEMBER – Philip Skoog has been nominated by the Board to be our fifth Board Member, and his nomination was approved by a voice vote of the membership. Welcome aboard, Philip!

GUEST SPEAKER – Our guest speaker was Stefan Schlesinger of Seattle Electric Bike, who showed the membership his line of e-bikes and encourages you to come in for a test drive.

LEGISLATIVE REPORT – Stephen and John briefed the membership about what is going on in Olympia regarding the “charging gap” between Western Washington and Spokane. The short version: a committee has been formed to find out if there are other ways to pay for this, such as having them funded by private businesses. So, the original request ($5M) was voted down and may be replaced by a request in the future for $1.5M.

RAFFLE – SEVA auctioned off a Blink home charging system, with the winnings going to SEVA. Many thanks to Jeff Finn for the donation.

CONDOLENCES – To the family of William Korthof, a dedicated EV and solar advocate in California, whose young life was tragically cut short in a motorcycle accident.