SEVA Meeting Minutes – September 2014

SEVA Meeting Minutes: September 9, 2014, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 54 persons in attendance.

WELCOME NEW PEOPLE! We had 8 new persons in attendance. There are at least 14 members who were at Silent Thunder over the weekend.

REST IN PEACE, ROGER WRIGHT. – SEVA is sorry to say goodbye to our colleague and our friend. He will be remembered at a memorial service TBA. Keep an eye on the events calendar. He will always be fondly remembered for his welding and fabrication skills, and for his interest in conversion. Roger also taught EV safety classes.

SILENT THUNDER – On a more cheerful note, we had our first all-EV event at Pacific Raceways over the weekend. At least 40 cars and well over 100 people were there. It was being hailed by the people at Pacific Raceways as a major success, and the management wants to see it again next year.
An amusing side-note: It was so quiet, many people were asking when the drag races were going to start … and they were already underway!! A Model S owner who had never done any drag racing before did a 12.38 time … and the world record is 12.37!! Fastest time for the day was 11.52 and 110.52 mph on a home-made EV bike.

DRIVE ELECTRIC WEEK – Will be at XXX Root Beer on Sep 21. There are many things to do to help out. You can contact Grace Reamer or Philip Skoog, and be sure to register your vehicle for this event, and the sooner the better.

OTHER EVENTS – The West Seattle Car Show is this Sunday, and don’t forget the Puyallup Fair. If you volunteer to talk about EVs, the fair will comp your admission. There is also room for 3-4 EVs at Sustainable Ballard. Contact Steve Lough if interested.

EV ROADMAP CONFERENCE – Jeff Finn shared his experiences with the membership, including his opinion that there is a growing segment of the population whose economic success depends on the successful implementation of EVs.

THE ALL-WHEEL DRIVE EV BIKE ON DISPLAY – Alan Hord shared his experiences in building his long-range EV bike with the membership. The bike has been from Seattle to Fresno and back!

LEGRAND 16-AMP CHARGER – Free to anyone who agrees to mount it someplace public. She Kevin Boze or Grace Reamer for the details.

Meeting Adjourned: