SEVA Meeting Minutes – October 2016

SEVA Meeting Minutes: October 11, 2016, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 36 persons in attendance.

EV OF THE MONTH – EV of the Month is Jay’s “Golden Arrow,” a 1983 RX-7, and Jay shared slides on this car as well as an all-Electric Ford Ranger that is being resurrected at Sumner High School.

NEW FACES – KellyCarmichael from Vancouver B.C. drove his Leaf down to check out the meeting. Jack lives in Shoreline. Doesn’t have an EV, but works in the solar panel industry and is interested in electric cars.

EVENTS – Drive Electric Week at XXX Root Beer drew 45 show cars, and the weather held, so it ended up being a beautiful day. Sustainable Ballard was compared to “preaching to the choir,” but – as Steve Lough put it – “there were a lot of very nice choir members there.” 13 electric cars were present for the Squash Festival and Fall Harvest, including John Lussmeyer’s big truck, the BMW conversion, the Volt Runner, and some Teslas.
Formula One has some sponsors who are moving over exclusively to Formula E!


ELECTRIC VEHICLES ARE SELLING! — EDTA just put out some information on plug-in sales, and 2016 has been a record-breaker, including 10,000 EVs sold in the month of September. The 2016 sales are at 111,505 and the year isn’t over yet! In the U.S., there are 36,507 public charging stations. Of the fast chargers, Tesla still leads the way, with 2,039 stations, and ChaDeMo and SAE not far behind (1,997 and 1,246, respectively).

NISSAN MAKES CHANGES TO THE LEAF – Now features a 30 kWh battery, and there is talk about the Renault having a 40-41 kWh battery.

GERMANY PROPOSES BANNING THE I.C.E. – The Bundesrat has voted to ban I.C.E. by 2025, a very aggressive schedule, and something worth watching.

LEGISLATIVE ISSUES REPORT – J.J. McCoy addressed the membership on news and events, including Friday’s event, where Mayor Ed Murray signed an order to have the City of Seattle pursue more energy-friendly option, including setting a goal to have 30% of the registered vehicles on the road be electric vehicles by 2030 and directing Seattle City Light to install 20 charging stations. The city also intends to install 150 charging stations as part of electrifying the city’s fleet. Also (don’t count it yet, but …) there will almost certainly be an influx of cash as a result of the lawsuits against Volkswagen over the cheating on emissions standards.

SHOCK AND AWE – Pat described the last year as a “whirlwind,” as he addressed the membership about his school’s project, “Shock and Awe”, which just set a NEDRA world record (8.32 seconds at 166 mph) and draws crowds of interested people wherever it goes. The car started off with 11-second runs, but has quickly progressed as Pat and his team keep tweaking and refining the car’s performance.

GREETINGS FROM CANADA – Kelly shared information with the membership about battery storage and vehicle charging power distribution projects that he is working on as part of an $8 million project. There’s work to do, and the bugs are being pursued and eliminated. The ultimate goal is to bring power to remote areas in Canada that typically rely on diesel fuel, an energy situation that is not only not sustainable, but unreliable, as diesel delivery is weather-dependent. for more information on the range planning app that Kelly has developed.

BIKE FOR SALE – Roy presented his E-Bike that is selling for $500. It is a limited-production Lithium-powered bike (very rare). The 11 year old battery pack does need replacing. Roy demonstrated how it conveniently folds up for storage or transporting.

GREETINGS FROM JUNEAU!! – Grace met a member of the Juneau Chapter of the EAA, and he asked Grace to pass along his salutations. Juneau has 85 EVs, of which at least three are Teslas, and the rest are Leafs. Look them up! The chapter would appreciate news, information, and tips … especially on how to do fundraising.

CALENDARS AND LICENSE PLATE FRAMES – President Stephen is seeking pictures to include on the new SEVA calendar. And … as always … we have license plate frames for sale. to mail those calendar pictures.

NEXT MEETING — Coincides with Election Day, but SEVA will be proceeding as usual, due to the fact that Washington State has all-mail balloting. See you then.

HOLIDAY PARTY — SEVA is seeking your suggestions on where we can hold the Holiday Party this year.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:45pm