SEVA Meeting Minutes – October 2019

SEVA Meeting Minutes  Tuesday, October  8, 2019

Board members present: Jay Donnaway, Grace Reamer, Brian Henderson

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM by the designated Crier, Kevin Boze.

New members. Clint has a ’67 Buick Riviera conversion. Joey introduced himself. Jacob came from Tacoma. Dennis is from Whidbey Island and he has a Ford Ranger conversion which has quit working. Howard has a ’16 Kia Electric Soul. Eric Blumhagen is running for the Seattle School Board.

Jay announced the need for volunteers for board secretary. Brian Hughes and Billy Kreuter are volunteering.

National Drive Electric Week. The Bellevue event was recapped. Southcenter had a ride-and-drive. John Crosby organized the Marymount show. Jay attended the Steilacoom event the the ’71 Karmann Ghia. It was very rainy at the Triple XXX on September 15. The Tacoma ride-and-drive was held September 14. There was an Olympia event also on September 14. Kevin and Grace attended the Bainbridge Island event on September 21.

Steve Lough discussed next February’s Austin event. He also mentioned the podcast named “Fully Charged” from England, and an upcoming convention in Portland. Steve brought more windshield flyers for notifying vehicle owners who are ICEing.

Jay announced that he is now vice president of EV Works on Bainbridge, and that he is working on a conversion as his first project there.

There was discussion that the new $75 renewal fee for hybrids will apply to non-plug-ins.

Jay showed pictures from the Marymount event.

Jay read a request for endorsement of a letter from Coltura advocating a bill, SB5811, to allow Washington to join the ZEV Mandate. Grace moved endorsement of this letter. Seconded. Unanimously approved by voice vote.

Stephen Johnson did a presentation on his conversion of a vegetable truck, a ’54 GMC Model 630, which is to have a 200-mile range. He will assemble a battery out of three 85-kWh packs from wrecked Teslas. There will be a Remy motor and a Rinehart motor controller.

Jay announced upcoming events. Fully Charged will be in Austin on February 12, 2020. EVS will be in Portland on June 12.

Grace asked for a space to be found for Seva’s Christmas party, since Wallingford Church of the Nazarene does not allow adult beverages.

Good of the order. Steve Lough announced that Mitsubishi is extending the warranty on the charger out to 100,000 miles and ten years. Eric Blumhagen, who owns a Leaf, described his campaign for Seattle School Board. He has ten years’ experience on PTA boards. He advocates bringing back shop class.

The meeting adjourned at 8:38 PM.

Minutes submitted by Billy Kreuter, who was afterwards elected by the board as Secretary until the February, 2020 SEVA meeting.