SEVA Meeting Minutes – June 2019

SEVA Meeting 11 Jun 2019

Board Members attending: Jay Donnaway, Grace Reamer, Lee Howard,

Maxwell Motors gave a presentation of their hybrid cargo van outside in the parking lot.

New attendees: Nicole, Steve Kono, Dirk Simmons

Maxwell Motors continued with a presentation indoors. They explained their motivation in developing a hybrid cargo van. 40 Mile EV Range. 33 MPG (city). 800-mile overall range. Lowers operating costs by 75%. ($47K) They recycle Tesla EV powertrains and GM Volt powertrains into Class 2 cargo vans. About 2000 Model 3s are wrecked every year, so the supply is plentiful.

Stephen Johnson – Ride share developments (Uber / Lyft). More EV converts achieved by driving ride sharing and explaining EVs to riders. Uber and Lyft have had discussions with EV drivers. Lyft will rent Chevy Bolts to drivers. Explained how to use Lyft to specify EV car.

Greenwood Show – Mark Schiller discussed registration and locations. Conversions are especially desired. After-party at Steve Lough’s place.

Stephen Johnson said that Re-fuel races at Laguna Seca in California is the same weekend as Greenwood Car Show.

Brian Henderson (SEVA Treasurer) is on an EV driving tour through California.

Jeff Finn – Plug-In America, EVs for EVERYONE! Pilot. Providing lower income EV buyers with fairer financing terms. In Seattle it is through Express Credit Union. They work with people with limited credit history or credit trouble. By opening and using an impact savings account there the credit union has more money on deposit that they can loan to EV buyers. Includes “EV Shopping Mentor”. Possible opportunity for SEVA members to volunteer as mentors. “Lower income” means less than 80% of the area median income. (That means $61K for a 1-person household and $88K for a 4-person household.)

Jay Donnaway had to leave. Grace Reamer conducted the meeting in his stead.

Deb Seymour – shared her 7000-mile road trip in her Model S. Her favorite Supercharging station was in Twin Falls, Idaho because it has a hiking trail along the Snake River.

Burien Father’s Day car show this coming weekend. 10-4

Shoreline – July 26th at the Northwest Solarfest.

LeMay on August 31st.

Raffle was drawn.