SEVA Meeting Minutes – May 2024

Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

May 14, 2024 meeting minutes

The May 14, 2024 membership meeting of the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association took place at the Rivian Showroom meeting space, 4601 26th Ave NE, in University Village, Seattle.

Prior to the meeting, numerous members met on the upper level of the garage across the street to show and discuss electric vehicles.

At 7:05 pm, President Jay Donnaway called the meeting to order.

President Emeritus Steve Lough reported on recent events;
His Son bought an electric car, a 2015 Nissan Leaf.
Last month, several EVs were tested in mountain pass driving, going until out of charge or until they completed the course. The Kia EV6 stopped at 214 miles, the Volvo at 224 miles and did not complete the 256 mile course. The Tesla Model 3 showed 42 miles of range remaining and the Bolt showed 43 miles.
In November 2021, state money was allocated to build charging stations, only seven have been built, each with four outlets. During that same time, Tesla has added 820 in the state, bringing their total to 25,017 stations in 6,340 locations.
Consumer reports evaluated two self driving EVs over an 18 mile course and declared Mercedes the “winner”. A Tesla 3 required zero corrections over the course while the Mercedes was corrected 44 times. It is not obvious how they reached their conclusion.

Jay observed that, recently, in Tachoma Power’s region, Tesla has installed two new chargers. The city, with funding allocated three years ago, has done none. One location is “delayed” due to a 1.5 degree slope that does not meet ADA requirements and is being held up waiting for a re-contour and retaining wall.

VP Rob Mathewson released more nuggets from the EV survey on the large video screen. A summary is due later.

We played the video from Stephen Johnsen’s April presentation. Mustang Cobra Jet 1800 Sets Record

Jay reported on recent EVents;
Leased EVs up to $45,000 can get a state credit of up to $1,000 that can be paid to the dealer towards the down payment.
Buyers who purchase used EVs can get up to $980 in sales tax credit on vehicles up to $19,000.
If looking for a Federal Tax Credit, a used EV can only claim the credit once.
Shop for an EV at
If buying a used EV, you must go through a dealer to get the credits. will help individual buyers and sellers make the sale and act as a dealer, so the buyer can get state and federal credits. The buyer and seller each pay $99 and KeySavvy handles payments and the paperwork. If EV clubs recommend buyers or sellers to KeySavvy, the club can get 15%.

Rollie reported that there are 15 EVents on the calendar, most are local. Check them out and sign up!

Alain Semet updated us on the progress of students at Raisbeck Aviation High School who are competing in the 2024 Solar Car Challenge. Many of the crew that developed the previous car have moved on to UW, Ivy League and other leading engineering schools and are doing very well. The current cohort includes 14 freshmen and they have made incredible improvements including a molded aerodynamic shell. They did the drawings, had a mold made and built the carbon fiber body with support from Delta Marine. The race is July 9-18 at Texas Motor Speedway.

Ryan shared his experience with his 2023 F-150 Lightning and battery faults. It was so cool to see this truck charging other EVs at EVents! Sorry to see it go. Check his May 15 email to the group or scroll to the top of; F-150 Lightning Forum

The meeting adjourned at 8:23 and many members adjourned to the roof of the south parking garage for further discussions.

By Eric Eskilson, SEVA Secretary

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