SEVA March 8 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members in Attendance:  Stephen Johnsen, Mark Schiller, Mark Yormark, Kevin Boze, and Philip Skoog.

We discussed the EAA funding issue and delegated some tasks to few of our board members as follows:

1) Kevin Boze will look into a few options for event insurance so we can get an idea of actual dollar amounts which it might cost for SEVA to have some insurance.
(Might be a good idea to also try asking a few other prominent car clubs what they do and who they use, such as “The GoodGuys” hotrod club, or Porsche or BMW NW clubs)
2) Phil Skoog will check into further details on who the EAA gets insurance from.
3) Stephen Johnsen will call EAA President Ron Freund to discuss the funds situation. Stephen will also check with NEDRA on which insurance they use.