SEVA Meeting Minutes – August 2014

SEVA Meeting Minutes: August 12, 2014, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 48 persons in attendance.NON-PROFIT STATUS HAS ARRIVED!! We are now a Chapter “I” member of the national organization, and official Federal recognition as a non-profit is next. And, with regard to that …

WE HAVE OUR BANK ACCOUNT!! Go ahead and donate generously. We have a place to put the money.

NOT A MEMBER? BE ONE!! We are encouraging one and all to join up. We have NINE new persons in attendance … quite possibly a SEVA meeting record.

CAR SHOWS – SILENT THUNDER is at Pacific Raceways Saturday Sep 6.  8am to 5pm. The 1st ever electric-only road and drag race event at Pacific Racways here in Kent. Road race in the morning or try your car down the drag strip in the afternoon!

NATIONAL DRIVE ELECTRIC WEEK brings back the XXX ROOT BEER CAR SHOW on Sep 21 for another one of our biggest shows of the year! If you want to volunteer for the Issaquah show, contact Philip Skoog or Grace Reamer.

GUEST SPEAKER – Sean Gorton of Puget Sound Energy addressed the membership about the rebate program for folks who buy a Level 2 home charging system. Get $500 back! The application and other supporting paperwork is available on PSE’s website.

GOVERNOR ASKS FOR $5M FOR FAST CHARGERS – Gov. Jay Inslee had requested money for fast chargers. While this proposal was rejected by the Legislature, there is a study underway to examine the feasibility of these installations.

IT’S LEAF-TASTIC!! – The Nissan Leaf is Nissan’s top selling model in four markets (Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Atlanta). Think you’re seeing lots of Leafs? You are!

WILL THE SALES TAX BREAK BE EXTENDED? – Citizens and car-makers are pulling for it!

BMW Z-3 CONVERSION – It’s been a long time coming, but Charlie and Cory Tsai’s BMW conversion project is up and running! Still some issues with the controllers and some other tweaks, but it’s happening. This conversion was a part of one of President Johnsen’s ICE-to-ev conversion classes at South Seattle Community College.

EV ROADMAP 7 – Jay Donoway shared his experiences with visiting the big event down in Portland. He says the Bridge City is very smug (and rightly so) about the charging capabilities of their city. Blink said the CHADEMO outlets will be serviced. Honda said they will be producing an EV for purchase. Fred Meyer says they will be putting in more charging stations.

CITY OF SEATTLE EV WORKSHOP – Mark Schiller reports that the City of Seattle has installed a large fleet of Leafs in its motor pool. A ten year cost analysis study shows that the Leafs hold their own against the previous go-to car (Prius). What we already know about EVs is being borne out by the data. You don’t buy fuel. The maintenance costs are low. And they are fun to drive!

A 2013 BRAMMO MOTORCYCLE IN THE LOT – It’s fast. It’s powerful. And it’s in our parking lot for this meeting. Her owner shared his driving and ownership satisfaction with the membership.


Meeting adjourned to break-out discussions, 8:30 pm