SEVA Meeting Minutes – March 2016

SEVA Meeting Minutes:  March 8, 2016, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 40 persons in attendance.

NEW PEOPLE, AND WELCOME TO THE VANCOUVER DELEGATION – Five new people at today’s meeting including some of our friends from up North in Canada from the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association.

EV of the MONTH – Tim Economu talked about his “brand new” ’08 Telsa Roadster.  Bought it with just 835 miles on it.  This very “lightly used” car was purchased in Biloxi, Mississippi.

DISCUSSIONS WITH THE EAA – Some issues regarding our share of the dues from EAA came up, and it is sounding (thus far) that SEVA may receive no monies from the EAA this year.  This has prompted SEVA to consider breaking away from the EAA, but this is not being taken lightly, nor will it be done without input from the membership.  The Board is doing research on the actual costs of “going independent,” and we will keep the membership informed.

CAR SHOWS – March 15th is the deadline for early pricing tickets for the Forumla “E”  race in Long Beach, CA.  If you are interested get your tickets now:

March 31st marks the day when Tesla will start taking reservations for the new and affordable Model 3.  This time the refundable deposit is only $1,000 and you can expect the reservations list to fill up quickly. Reservations can be made in-person at the Westlake Seattle showroom as well as the Bellevue, Square mall showroom on March 31st before the car is even officially revealed later that evening. Online reservations for the car open on April 1st.

Bellevue College will be holding their Earth Day car show on April 21st with plentiful charging.  April 23rd will be the car show in Bayview on Whidbey Island.  May 8th will be the XXX Root Beer show.  (The second XXX show for EVs will be on Sep 18th.)  May 22nd will also be Re-Fuel at Laguna Seca.  Greenwood will be June 25th, that’s the big “don’t miss” show.

NEW ELECTRIC BUSES – Mr Rich Feldman talked to the membership about the new Proterra 100% electric buses. King County Metro has been testing them and by using the >300kW rapid charger at Eastgate Park and Ride they’ve done 572 miles of emissions-free driving in a single day!

VICE PRESIDENT ANNOUNCEMENT – VP Schiller shared with the membership his own fact sheet regarding EV specs that he would like to share with people who are interested in EVs.  Your input is welcome please sign up for our email list if you are not already on it!forum/seva_list.

ZOMBIE NEWS – Steve Lough shared with the membership some of the latest developments regarding our friend John Wayland’s latest projects. The “White Zombie” and the “Black Zombie,”  have been setting records, garnering lots of attention, and now generating some orders!

THE ELECTRIC DELIVERY TRUCK– President Stephen Johnsen shared his latest news with the membership about the big Class 6 fully electric delivery truck project. The motor adapter plate and coupler have been built by Stenerson and Sons Machine Shop in Buckley, WA

ADDRESSING THE THREAT AGAINST EVs – We have recently been alerted to lobbying and fundraising efforts to promote gasoline-powered vehicles and eradicate electric vehicles.  We are taking this to heart and seeking appropriate ways to respond. The Koch brothers seem to be planning to spend millions of dollars on pro-petroleum powered vehicle advocacy and specifically discouraging electric vehicles.

Meeting adjourned. See you next month on Tuesday April 12th!