SEVA Meeting Minutes – May 2019

SEVA Meeting 14 May 2019

Board Members attending: Jay Donnaway, president; Grace Reamer, vice-president; Lee Howard, secretary; Brian Henderson, treasurer.  Also attending, Phil Skoog.

New attendees: Ann Wunderlin with an e-motorcycle, Terry Akin (Prius Prime Plug-In) with no off-street parking, Theresa Ramsdell – Tesla Owners Club, Sanjec Umar (V2G), Andrew Yoko (Puget Sound Food Hub), John Crosby, Chloe tired of paying gas – want to convert an ambulance, Joan Tramic.

Show schedule:

  • Sep 7 Steilacoom show
  • Sep 11 Bellevue
  • Sep 14 Kirkland
  • Sep 15 XXX
  • Sep 21 America’s Car Museum
  • LeMay Family Collection opening want to show EVs.
  • Saturday, June 29th Gassless on Greenwood… 12 cars so far.  Mark Schiller.
  • Refuel is June 30th Laguna Seca raceway in California.
  • Pikes Peak hill-climb in Colorado (also June 30th)
  • Father’s Day (June 16th) car shows – Burien, Issaquah (Fenders on Front Street)
  • Northwest Solar Fest – July 27th (10:00 – 5:00)
  • Kirkland Waterfront Car Show (Aug 11th)


Legislative Review – sales tax exemption passed, but $75 increase in annual fees.

Louise Stonington with the Citizens Climate Lobby… we subsidize fossil fuels $1800 per-person, per-year.  Proposal to tax fossil fuel production an increasing amount over time.  Electric transportation is better for environment and national security.  Proposes to talk at schools and club meetings and shows.

Volts for Oil on “Fully Charged” worth watching.

Larry Gayle – has a Tesla Model 3, and battery-powered devices throughout.  Electric lawn mower battery change from lead-acid to lithium has longer-lasting charge and less weight.  Tesla dog mode.

Joan Schmedrick from Kamano Island – wants to add personal stories on a website for EV use testimonials,

Rich Rudman – discussed lithium battery packs, 3D printing.

Jay Donnaway shared the sound of a leaking lithium battery pack

Stephen Lough – possible after party party following Gassless on Greenwood

Pat – eCopo Camaro – Facebook page and Twitter.  Will be at the Seattle National Race.

Raffle was drawn.

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