SEVA Meeting Minutes – November 2017

SEVA Meeting Minutes:  November 14,  2017, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 44 persons in attendance.

1.       DUE NOTICE GIVEN – on SEVA’s next annual Board meeting.  10am at the Renton Library.  Per our “open meetings” policy, the general membership is invited.
2.       SPEAKING OF ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES – The offices of President and Secretary will be up for election, and (per our “term limits” policy) President Stephen and Secretary Kevin will no longer be eligible to fill those roles. So new nominees will need to be found prior to the elections in February 2018.
3.       WELCOME NEW MEMBERS – Mr. Barrett is a Leaf owner and his father was one of the founding members of SEVA. Brent is working on a ’74 Mini that he wants to convert to electric. Jordan is also here to work on doing an electric conversion.  Dana drives a Mercedes and an electric Ford.  Ed is into electric boats and is in the market for a car.

4.       EV OF THE MONTH – Is the Faraday Futures FF91, and Jeff Finn went down to California to check it out and brought back a slideshow presentation to share with the membership.  Mr Finn also got to do a one-hour test drive of the new 2018 Nissan Leaf.  Finn was among a group from Plug In America that got to visit Faraday Future HQ in Gadena, CA.  DISCLAIMER:  The material presented in the slideshow is in pre-manufacturing and testing mode, and may not represent the actual product.  The FF91 is aimed at the Ultra High-End Luxury market.  An interesting element of this car is that you won’t be able to buy it … you will “subscribe” to it.  Want to know more?  Check out

5.       ROAD USAGE CHARGE UPDATE – The steering committee has been talking, and the big news is getting the pilot program started.  Staggering response from the EV community to participate in the pilot program.  Go to if you want to sign up to be eligible for the pilot program, or if you want more information.

6.       LEGISLATIVE ISSUES – With the control of the State legislature shifting, there may be more legislation that is pro-environment in general and pro-EV in particular.  High on the list are 1) fixing the PEV Sales Tax Exemption as well as simplifying the rules.

7.       CHAD EXPLAINS IT ALL TO YOU – Chad Schwitters gave a presentation to the membership about the PEV tax credit; how it came about the way it did, and how it all works.

8.       BORING WEBSITES, BEWARE!! – Deb Seymour walked the membership through SEVA’s new, revamped website, explaining the features as well as the subtle and not-so-subtle tools used to get and keep user attention. Great Job Deb!

9.       ELECTRIC VEHICLE SYMPOSIUM – Was in Stuttgart this year.  President Stephen gave a slideshow to the membership, featuring some of the highlights of his trip. Infrastructure is there, and it is growing!!  Never mind the wet blanket that Daimler seems to have thrown on their opening address … EVs are here to stay and the report at the symposium by the folks from Bloomberg Finance showed a very optimistic outlook for EVs!

10.   NEXT MONTH’S MEETING WILL BE IN BELLEVUE! – The December meeting will be our annual holiday party.
8th Street EV Outlet
11839 ne 8TH St, Bellevue, WA 98005
It is off of N.E. 8th across the street from the Porsche dealership. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO 🙂
Repeat, the December meeting will NOT be at the usual Wallingford location!

11.   SEATTLE CITY LIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT – Jake Wade of Seattle City Light wants to thank everyone for their help in prepping the survey for EV charging.  They are going ahead with their Beacon Hill construction, and are looking at the Central District, North Seattle,  and Rainier Valley as well.  This time of year, many customers were affected by the outages, and City Light is working on restoring power.

12.   DRAFT RESOLUTION TO THE BOARD – That fixed price EV charging fees are neither equitable nor desirable at DCQC locations. They are supposed to be “fast” so many EV owners voiced concern that in addition to unfair to EVs with smaller battery packs, fixed pricing also may encourage people to sit at the fast chargers longer than necessary.  The full text of the resolution will be examined at the next scheduled Board meeting.  Thanks to Jay for presenting it.

13.   CALENDAR PICTURES – Send your calendar-worthy EV photos to President Stephen, but do it soon!  It’s almost calendar time.

14.   THE SEVA S.E.V.A. ANNUAL TROPHY – A winner has been selected and it will be awarded to the recipient if he/she is present at the December Holiday Party.
Meeting adjourned 9:00

Faraday Futures FF91 Stock Photos

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