SEVA October 2017 Meeting Minutes

SEVA Meeting Minutes:  October 10, 2017

Called to order. Officers introduced. 34 persons in attendance.


Roger Swearingen’s Fiat 500e, which he bought in October of 2013, and is widely believed to be the first car of its kind to be registered in Washington State.  Roger bought it on auction at E-bay.  Ten celebrities were each given the car, invited to autograph it, etc.  The one Roger got was Clint Eastwood’s old car.  There’s a story that the famed director liked his 500e so much that – when it came time for him to turn the car in – he went out and bought another one!


Dana drove his Mercedes electric B class, and he has a dead Ford e-Ranger, and wanted to come to SEVA to see what there was to see.  David’s friend has an e-Soul, which got him interested in EVs. Jake is from Seattle City Light and is working on the public charging aspect of EVs (we decided on the spot to put him on the agenda).  And… speaking of Jake …


Jake Wade of Seattle City Light is working on its fleet, working on residential cars, and working on getting chargers out to the public.  According to its by-laws, City Light has to own the equipment, so part of its mission is to update antiquated rules about electrification.  Also, the amount of people who are renting is going up, and they are occupying more energy-efficient units, so the amount of power being used is dropping, despite the fact that Seattle’s population is growing.


Seattle City Light is going to be putting a survey out to an email list.  Payment has been front-and-center on these issues.  Imagine using an ORCA card to charge your EV!!


If anyone has any good, high-quality photos for the SEVA calendar.  If you have some to share, please send them to El Presidente, Stephen Johnsen.


Are you signed up for the test program?


SEVA has about $4,000 in the bank.  A good thing.


Our thoughts are with Michael Foster, who was convicted on charges related to his protest of the Keystone Pipeline.


Congratulations to our raffle winner, Jake!!


Peter shared his information with the membership about Powerflex Systems and what they can do for the growing demand for EV charging, especially in apartment buildings.  What Powerflex does is it allocates charging; it uses the power not being used in the apartment building and distributes it to the EVs.  Redistribution of unused power to parked EVs may very well be the low-cost solution a lot of apartment builders are looking for.  It is approved by the City of Seattle as an alternative to meeting portions of the City’s EV charging building requirements.


Philip Skoog gave a quick overview about NDEW and the shows that took place all over Washington State.  Interest in EVs is growing!


The membership came up with several venue ideas for the up-and-coming holiday party.  Planning is in the works!

Adjourned 8:40pm

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