SEVA Meeting Minutes – May 2013

The May 14th was called to order and officers were introduced.  Steve Lough President, Stephen Jonson Vice Pres.  Chuck Benson Treasurer, and yours truly Kevin Boze Recording Secretary.  Over 50 members were counted in the audience.A FULL PARKING LOT!  There was easily a half-million dollars’ worth of EVs out in the parking lot.  Course it is easy getting there when you have no less than THREE new beautiful Tesla Model S sedans. New Tesla owners Kent Bakki, and Doug Wiviott.  Also a very interesting Morris Mini wagon conversion.  And of course a half dozen Nissan Leafs.  We Welcome four new  four persons attending for the first time.  We are eight or nine members short of being the largest EV association in the country.“THE LETTER”.  For years, Our Dear Leader has been distributing a letter to new EVs, offering a membership in SEVA and cordially inviting the reader to a SEVA meeting.  Members are encouraged to reproduce the letter and hand it out to new EV owners one might come across “out in the Wild”.

GREENWOOD CAR SHOW – We had TEN SEVA folks preregister at the meeting.  I would hope we can get enrollment up close to 30 Electric Cars this year.  We are also seeking help in setting up and preparing the “After Gasless PicNic” party at Woodland Park.  Members and other interested parties are encouraged to fill out an application right away.  It’s only 45 days away!   The Greenwood application can be down loaded from the Greenwood Car Show web site.  BUT REMEMBER, return the applications to Steve Lough at the June meeting or by ‘snail mail’.  He will compile a Master List of our entries and turn in the applications with our check when enrollment terminates.

The SEVA E-MAIL LIST –  If you are on it, you know what an edifying and uplifting missive it is.  Our only day-in day-out method of communicating with our membership.

EV-enets SCHEDULE — We went over the EVENTS which our member Chad Schwitters has been keeping in order here below..   But if you wish to keep track of it at any time go to:
( )
( )

and the Current Events calendar on the right side.

MAY 25th – Class on Basic Electricity.  MAY 26th – Exotic Cars at Chateau Ste-Michelle. JUNE 1 and 2 — Puyallup fair. JUNE 4 – Panel discussion at Queen Ann Hill, sponsored by Pacific Science Center.  JUNE 11 – Monthly SEVA meeting (last one before Greenwood).  JUNE 29 – Greenwood Auto Show/The BC-to-BC Rally.  Take a look at  JULY 27 – Shoreline Solar fest. JULY 28 – Renton River Days. JULY 30 – Maple Leaf Ice Cream Social.  AUGUST 24th – Chelan Wine Tasting. And, of course, SEPTEMBER 28 and 29 – National Plug-In Day.  This information changes all the time.  Check the website!!
DRAG RACING – Drag racing for electric vehicles is alive and well in the Northwest.  The racing facilities are under new management, and that management is very excited about EV racing.  Stephen Jonson mentioned some Dates for EV road racing and drag racing which we will POST to the calendars mentioned above as soon as we can confirm  them.
SPEAKERS – Eric from SEMA Connect took a moment to update the membership on where SEMA chargers can be found.  Dave wants to remind everyone about the show at the Center for Wooden Boats.  Laura put out  the word about Fluke’s picnic, and conversions are welcome.  Marc (Education Committee) gave a demonstration of the savings calculations pages (Beta version) for possible inclusion in SEVA’s website.

Mark Schiller gave a presentation on some new web page content, where one could fill in a Gas Car statistics, and an Electric Car specifications and compare operating costs and life-time ownership costs.  This can be helpful when working with folks who have not yet made the EV Plunge.

STEPHEN Johnson – Gave a talk about battery equalizing technology they have been working on.   LONG strings of 3.4 volt cells in parallel, where by all the batteries can be brought up to a certain voltage, and then discharged to measure there true potential.
Our ever helpful Mrs. Smith who sells our raffle tickets brought in a goodly return for the club, and also the winning ticket holder.

Grace R. gave us a Heads UP on our special guest for the June 11th meeting.  King County Councilman, Larry Phillips, who is KEEN to get to know US, and our associations good works.

As always, if you feel that we have left an important item out, feel free to send it out over the SEVA E-Mail program.

Meeting adjourn to break out discussions till after 9:30 pm

Steven S Lough
President: Seattle EV Association
206 524 1351