SEVA Meeting Minutes – April 2013

SEVA Meeting Minutes: April 9, 2013, –Vice President Stephen Johnson filling in for President Steve Lough, Much THANKS to Kevin Boze, doing a Bang Up job of having Meeting minutes out in a timely fashon. Board members introduced. 38 persons in attendance.

BE SAFE AND BE WELL – It has been noted that illness has taken its toll on some of our members. There is something going around. Protect your health!

LEGISLATION – (Jeff Finn) A new Ford C-Max was spotted, charging in front of Vetco Electronics … by the owner, as it turns out! Forecasts for gas tax revenue show the population and vehicle miles traveled (VMT) is going steadily up, but fuel consumption is at or near flatline. The de-ICEing bill, SB5849, is in the House Rules Committee, awaiting clearance for a vote of the full House. SEVA members are encouraged to contact their representatives to voice their support. HB1864 and SB5024 (Transportation Budgets); both versions under considerations contain partial funding for the next phase of the Road Usage Charge initiative. Again, members are encouraged to contact their representatives. Make your voices heard! SB5857 (Vehicle-Related Fees) The current version of this bill does not contain a 25% increase in $100 EV fee or a $75 Hybrid fee. Members are encouraged to monitor this bill. The Governor (in his budget) has asked to see $6M to put DC Quick-charging stations along several of our Interstate as well as State Road routes. He has asked for additional funds to put level 2 charging stations at a variety of locations throughout the State. SB5152 (Special License Plates for Seahawks and Sounders) This bill is significant because in may break the moratorium on special license plates and allow for EV license plates. Be sure to check out to check the status of bills and to comment on pending legislation.
NEW FACES – We have four new attendees at our meeting tonight. One person writes articles on EVs and is interested in buying a Volt. One person is interested in converting his ICE to EV. One Zapp owner who is looking for a 72 volt charger. One new Ford Focus owner. Hope these folks get ON the SEVA E-Mail List soon…

TENNESSEE HAS AN ANTI-ICING LAW – Don’t park in a charging station in the Volunteer State. They will voluntarily fine you and tow you, due to a new state law.

EVENTS (Dave Barden) The Center for Wooden Boats had its first electric boat expo. They are looking forward to launching another one. This would have ideally included EVs, but the city has nixed the idea of cars parking in the area. Maybe next time! But the Center would like to welcome people who sell support equipment, people with electric bicycles, etc. The event is May 19th noon to 4pm.
Chad Schwitters did not make the meeting this evening. He was with his family celebrating his 50th Birth Day. He has been keeping the many events up on the SEVA calendar up to date. Some highlights are Mercer Island “Leap for Green” on April 19. Eagle Creek Eco-Fest at Eagle Creek Elementary (Arlington) is also on April 19. EVs and their owners are eagerly sought for this event. Newcastle Earth Day at Lake Boren Park is on April 20. Three cars are signed up for this with room for more. Chelan’s Earth Day is also on April 20th at River Walk Park in Chelan. Owners and dealers will be on hand, but room for more! April 22nd will be a college event at Bellevue College, and attendees are welcome. Casadia/UW Bothell Earth Day will be from 10-4 on April 22, as well as Microsoft Earth Day on the Microsoft campus. And don’t forget the Greenwood Car Show on June 29th.
Also on June 29th, the BC – to – BC Electric Car Rally ( Vancouver BC to Baja California ) will be passing through the Seattle Area on their way south. Very little is known about Check-Points, or Charging stopps in our area at this time. There is also talk about stoping by the LeMay Auto Museum in Tacoma.
Also NEDRA race will be held on July 12, as well as Redmond Derby Days. Shoreline SolarFest is July 27, with a focus on ecologically friendly technologies, and EVs are welcome. July 28 is Renton River Days, which features a parade and a car show. July 31st is the Maple Leaf Ice Cream Social, which includes a car show. September 28-29 is National Plug-In Day(s). Last year’s event was so big, SEVA split it out into two very popular events.
June 4 is the Science Café at Queen Anne. We are seeking young people who are interested in EV technology to be on the advisory panel.
Father’s Day will be the big car show in Burien. They are planning on selecting a special category for EVs. Also June 23rd is Bellevue Strawberry Festival’s car show is a possibility.
It’s car show season! This information can (and does) change at a moment’s notice. You are encouraged to go to the website to look for updates.

GETTING THE WORD OUT – There was some floor discussion about printing up business cards, producing brochures, and improving our visibility on Facebook. These ideas are either already being worked, or have been taken under advisement.

TESLA MODEL S GATHERING – Matt Moreno and family were part of a 40 Model S gathering at Metropolitan Detail in Bellevue. Tesla is delivering 7-8 cars a day, seven days a week. Bellevue represents 10% of Tesla sales! They are the top-selling luxury model in the country right now.

SALES – EVs and hybrids are selling! Magic Nissan (in Everett) sold more Leafs in March than any other model. In the US, 46,327 hybrids and 7,600+ plug-in vehicles were sold in the month of March alone! Plug in vehicle sales rose 38.6% from February and 84% over last year. Leaf sales enjoyed their biggest month, ever, in March.

GATHERING AT NORTH BEND – In support of a Sierra Club showing of the movie “Chasing Ice” up in North Bend, an informal car show was held on the 7th, near the theater. This provided a good opportunity to increase awareness with the public regarding EVs.

CONVERSIONS – Dave Cloud passed along some glowing reports from happy customers of conversions. Readers are reminded that conversions can be a gun and economical alternative to “buying new.” Got an old favorite that guzzles gas? Convert it!

Before our President Steve left to recoup from the onset of a bad cold, he did mention that he had seen a few more Mitsubishi “Mi-EV”s in the wild. Perhaps sales of EV’s are moving forward.

As always, you are encouraged to POST any tid-bit that the team here overlooked or left out any pertinent information.
The formal meeting adjourned at 8:40, and broke into normal sub-group discussions.

See you all May 14th, or at one of the Earth Month EVents if not before.

Kevin Bose, Secretary
Steven S Lough
President: Seattle EV Association
206 524 1351