SEVA Meeting Minutes – June 2014

SEVA Meeting Minutes: June 10, 2014, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 54 persons in attendance.

The new KIA is here!! New member Nick has favored us by bringing his brand-new all-electric KIA to the meeting. KIA has requested “no pictures”, so this is truly a rare first look at a fascinating new all-electric production model.

-Joint Transportation Committee of the WA legislature will be having their first webinar at the end of the month, and SEVA’s President is on the advisory committee

SEVA name tags are available! For $9.50 cash, Jeff Finn will go and create a new name tag for you.

Jeff also favored the membership with a video of his own making, “How to Make an Electric Motor.” The point, of course, is that this elegantly simply technology can be accurately and faithfully built by any third-grader. How many kids can build an ICE?

State Policy Update –SEVA’s Legislative Coordinator John McCoy and Vice President Mark Schiller met with the Washington Environmental Council to talk about a new Low Carbon Fuel Standard. John and Mark took turns, giving a short presentation about how EVs might play a role.

-Greenwood Car Show: President Emeritus Steve Lough says we will again be in the Walgreen’s parking lot for the show this year. One cannot overemphasize the opportunity here to spread the word on EVs.

This is a heavily attended event, rain or shine, and we can make EVs shine!

Upcoming events car-show season is now upon us! (Greenwood Car Show, Redmond Derby Days, TMC Connect, REFUEL, Triple X, Silent Thunder, and many others. Check the “News” portion of the SEVA website for details and additional information.)

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP COORDINATE THE BIG GREENWOOD SHOW! Many EVs will be travelling from near and far for this show ~ including John Wayland’s White Zombie, Marco Mongilo’s Fiamp and a Lotus conversion from Anacortes!

-Many new EVs at the SEVA/Bothell High School EV BBQ meet & greet!

-SEVA’s new SEVA mail list is live and was made publicly viewable by popular demand.

David Hughes & Brandon Stewart shared their presentation about a new Portable Solar Charger for EVs.

Inside a GM EV1 gearbox ~ incredibly low-friction & oil cooled!

LEAF Report: If you own an Android device & a Nissan LEAF YOU NEED to get the LEAF SPY app!

Stephen Johnsen reported on the LEAFspy APP and his trip to Eastern WA in a 2011 LEAF including DCQC experiences over Snoqualmie Pass & a hair-raising 105 mile (on a single charge) trip up and down 5,400ft Chinook Pass!

A special announcement! The SEVA “Golden Plug” award goes to Jeremy Smithson and Pamela Burton.


Congratulations also to our drawing winner.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 to break-out discussions.