SEVA Meeting Minutes – November 2022

Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

Nov 8, 2022 meeting minutes
The monthly membership meeting of the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association was on Nov. 8, 2022 in the social hall of First Church of the Nazarene, Wallingford. At 7:03 p.m., SEVA President Jay Donnaway called the meeting to order.

NEW AND RETURNING ATTENDEES: Roland came with his wife and 5-month-old daughter. He has an amphibious EV project. Terry has a 2017 Kia Soul EV. Ron has a 2022 Polestar 2. Noble Hendrix was a returning attendee.

EDUCATION – SEVA Vice President Grace Reamer reported that students have been getting in touch to learn about the impact of EV adoption. An inquiry was relayed through Coltura from a college student who was looking for ideas for a term paper about the Clean Cars 2030 bill. Grace opened the floor for ideas. Washington’s electricity is mostly carbon-free. EVs are becoming more affordable, and used EVs will become a great value for those on a student budget. Philip Skoog mentioned the difference that electric school buses will make. Mark Yormark suggested vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. Jay told his electric school bus story, driving a prototype at Pacific Raceways. Jay tried to inform officials that an electric school bus could effectively shave peak load, paying for itself. Jay mentioned that a PhD student posted on the SEVA Facebook group and wants to conduct a survey of EV charging preferences, and SEVA members are encouraged to respond. Please contact Ryan Hart at or

EVENTS – The Northwest Auto Show is Thursday through Sunday, Nov. 10-13 at Lumen Field Event Center. Jay Donnaway will be working the show with Tacoma Power, and several SEVA members are planning to attend. Philip mentioned that EVs will be featured in an Electric Highway section.

FEATURED CAR: F-100 CONVERSION: SEVA Treasurer Charlie Tsai reported about the 1978 Ford F-100 truck conversion done last year by Pat McCue and his team at MLe Racecars. The truck recently was featured on the Jay Leno’s Garage show, with President Joe Biden driving the truck. The truck debuted at the SEMA event in Las Vegas and also appeared at the Holley High Voltage event in California. Charlie showed a clip from the Holley High Voltage event featuring Pat McCue. Charlie described the conversion of several other vehicles, such as a Mustang with a one-megawatt power system. The MLe Racecars team sub-leased a warehouse from Bill Pierre Ford in Lake City, where they’re continuing the work.

* Jay mentioned that there are federal and state grants for EVSE purchase and installation.
* Grace reported that Seattle City Light will offer Time-Of-Use pricing in 2024. (Additional information supplied here by Secretary Billy Kreuter’s wife, Judy Blinder, who works in City Light’s financial-planning unit.) The current pilot program will end after 2023, followed by the 2024 TOU opt-in program. Three rate tiers will be offered: off-peak midnight to 6 a.m.; mid-peak 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. to midnight Monday through Saturday, and 6 a.m. to midnight Sundays and holidays; and peak 5-9 p.m. Monday through Saturday except specified holidays. The off-peak, mid-peak and peak rates per kilowatt-hour within Seattle will be, respectively, 7.57¢, 13.25¢ and 15.14¢. Rates for City Light customers outside of Seattle will be slightly higher.
* Jay reviewed SEVA’s February 2022 resolution calling upon Electrify America to support the CHAdeMO charging standard. After a fruitless contact with EA’s corporate counsel, Jay contacted the Washington Attorney General’s office to express his concern that EA was not complying with the Dieselgate settlement. Initially the AG’s office demanded a response from EA, but after Electrify did respond with misleading information, the AG considered the matter closed.
* As of January 2023, all EVSEs that charge for usage in Washington must charge by the kilowatt-hour and not by time, and must offer more options for payment, such as a credit-card reader.
* Jay mentioned that clean-energy credits are going to the electric utilities and not to users of public EVSEs.
* Kent Bakke adapters will be available for non-Teslas to use the Supercharger network. It was supposed to be set up by the end of this year, but there’s no word yet that this is actually happening.

evse signs
* Jeff Finn described a project to develop and renovate property for the Historic EV Museum in Kingman, AZ.
* Cody is selling his 2018 Tesla Model 3.
* Mark showed some custom parking signs for EVSE spaces that he’s designed and had constructed over the past several years. Mark will install signs on request. Email

DECEMBER MEETING: The next meeting will be a potluck holiday party at Vine Baptist Church in Ballard, 7750 21st Ave. NW, tentatively starting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 13. Watch the e-mail list for additional details.

Jay adjourned the meeting at 8:34 p.m..

Minutes drafted by Secretary Billy Kreuter, and edited and posted by Vice President Grace Reamer.

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