Steven Lough – “To convert a gas car to electric, is the highest form of recycling.”

Steve Lough

By Steven Lough

Steven Lough has been a leader in local efforts to popularize Electric Vehicles for over 33 years. His family GM Dealership took on a line of commercially built electric vehicles back in 1980. Soon after that Steven became the President of the local EV Club, the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association. Starting in 1981 he has orchestrated Electric Vehicle EV-ents every year to include multiple exhibits at the Pacific Science Center, Seattle International Auto show, EV Rallies round Green Lake – coined “Gasless round Greenlake” then “Gasless at Gas Works Park”, and finally “Gasless on Greenwood Ave.” … the annual Hot Rod and custom car show, sponsored by SEAFAIR and the Greenwood Knight’s Car Club.

He has been instrumental in aligning SEVA with the Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition, and a half dozen other Environmental groups. He has also been active in lobbying for favorable EV Legislation in Olympia with much help from other SEVA Members. Being this active, and meeting with EV Enthusiasts from around the world at various National and International EV Conventions, he has befriended many EV Personalities to include, Chelsea Sexton of Plug-In-America, Chris Paine – Director of “Who Killed the Electric Car”, Bill Moore of EVWorld, Felix Kramer of, Dr. Andrew Frank of US Davis, Bob Lutz former VP of General Motors and Father of the Chevrolet VOLT and many local, state, and federal legislators.

His favorite activity these days is to engage the public in the EV debate through lectures, speaking engagements, radio and TV appearances, and just talking with anyone who will step forward with a question or two about EVs. Two of the clubs most popular mottoes which sum up their credo are: “Education, Demonstration, and Proliferation” and: “To convert a gas car to electric, is the highest form of recycling” Both coined by Steven many years ago. He has attended many World EV Conventions and symposia over the last 20 years, and has fostered friendships with many of the worlds leading Personalities and key technical innovators in the field.

Recently Steven was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the National Electric Auto Association. Also Seattle’s own Mayor Greg Nickels has recognized Steven’s 29 years in the field of Electric Cars with a “Letter of Recognition” which now hangs in Steven’s library.

His outlook on Electric Vehicles is very Democratic. He is in favor of any and all forms of EVs to include, street vehicles, both freeway capable and NEV’s
(Neighborhood Electric Vehicles), electric racing, electric boats, electric assisted bicycles, and scooters, and in general any device which does not use gas or diesel. He is in favor of the implementation of Bio-Diesel and Ethanol as long as it can be produced sustainability. Also wind and solar power, and especially the vibrant movement towards Plug-In Hybrid cars, of which the Seattle EV Association has been very active. He is available for speaking engagements on a moments notice.

As of November 2013 he stepped down as SEVA President, but remains active in all things EV.

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