SEVA Meeting Minutes – December 2013

SEVA Meeting Minutes: December 10, 2013, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 34 persons in attendance.

  1. GREETINGS FROM THE NEW PRESIDENT!! President Stephen Johnsen has carefully reviewed the EAA handbook and is looking for ways to improve the general running of the organization, so that future SEVA officers will have an easier time of it. He made clear some other goals: to make us the biggest organization in the U.S., and to continue in our core goal: to educate, demonstrate, and proliferate electric vehicles.Stephen also announced that we will have a short survey that the new board will use to shape the future of SEVA and how themeetings will be run.
  2. TREASURY REPORT. Mark Yormark reports $2,799.48 with $385 in two accounts. $1,223.44 in the dues account. Mark has been working to get an EIN assigned so that SEVA will have its own committed number. Also, we are working to see if SEVA wishes to continue structured as a type “U” chapter of the EAA or to restructure as a type “I” chapter still under the EAA but as it’s own separate 501c(3).
  3. LOOKING AHEAD – While it is not yet “show season,” SEVA is already looking ahead to our big car shows: Gasless in Greenwood, the Silent Thunder Electric Nationals at Pacific Raceways, National Plug-In Day, and other events. We endeavor to be as proactive as possible. We know these events are coming: we want to be ready when they happen. We are also in place to have not one but TWO car shows at XXX Root Beer, as well as getting charging stations on-site at that location.
  4. GET ON THE EMAIL LIST. Get on SEVA’s list for all sorts of news and information at: www.seattleeva.orgThe new website framework is nearly complete and the student team from Seattle Central Community College was showing it at theirmeeting on this very same evening. Members can expect to see more of the new website unveiled at the January 2014 SEVA meeting.
  5. SEVA CALENDARS ARE OUT – Get your 2014 Calendar today only $15-
  6. TURNING UP THE HEAT – President Stephen also demonstrated his project to put an in-dash car heater into his EV in an informative slideshow.
  7. EVs ARE COMING OUT ALL OVER! – Stephen also shared some pictures taken at very busy charging stations at Bellevue Square mall where on a random day he witnessed two 2013 Toyota Rav4EVs, one Chevy Volt and a Nissan LEAF all using the garage’s Chargepoint stations.
  8. JEFF FINN – Awarded Stephen Johnsen his official badge as president of SEVA. Jeff also shared an overview of the legislative issues of the day, including information about a recent meeting with Frank Chopp. To make many things on SEVA’s “wish list” come true is going to have to hinge on getting legislative sponsorship. If you are in Representative Frockt’s legislative district you are encouraged to ask him to sponsor a bill regarding HOV lane access for EVs.
  9. THE IBEW SPEAKS – a professional lobbyist for the IBEW, Nicole Grant, expressed her support for SEVA’s legislative goals in Olympia.
  10. IT’S “MY EV” – Steven Lough shared a letter he wrote to Mitsubishi about the pronouncing the name of their car.
  11. Mark Yormark mentioned that EAA is looking for board members on the national level. Give it some thought. It’s nice to have a lot of subject matter experts, but an organization runs best when it’s run by people who have business and organizational experience.
  12. RAFFLE – Congratulations to the winner our very own Chuck Benson!REMEMBER TO JOIN US NEXT MONTH AT THE JANUARY 14th, 2014 SEVA MEETING TO GIVE YOUR INPUT AS TO HOW YOU WANT TO SEE SEVA CONDUCT MEETINGS AND BUSINESS!Happy Holidays!Stephen Johnsen
    SEVA President
    With special thanks to our secretary Kevin Boze for his detailed meeting minutes.