An EV Conversion Truck That Does The Job

Ford F250 Truck Gas To Electric Conversion

Name: John Lussmyer   Car Year: 1995   Make: Ford
Model: F250   Range: 60 miles  Battery Pack Size: 45KWH
DC-Charge Capable? No 🙁

When did you convert  your Ford F250? How long has it been electric?

Converted about 7 years ago using Golf Cart batteries, didn’t have a useful range with that, so didn’t use it much until I updated to LiIon batteries (Nissan Leaf) a bit over 2 years ago.

Why did you choose to drive electric?
Less pollution, and QUIET!

How long have you had your EV?
Since I converted it. Back around 1995 I had a ComutaVan (electric post office delivery vehicle) and enjoyed that quite a bit.

Have you had any range issues?
Not really. It covers about 95% of my driving, and I’d have to double the range to increase that noticeably.

Do you use it more as a daily driver-commuter or do you do long road trips?
Daily driver. (but I don’t commute)

Have you had any issues with you EV?
Sneaking up on people in parking lots with a Big Truck… (and I’m currently dealing with a broken motor post electrical connection)

What are the 3 BEST things about driving electric?
Quiet, Low cost of operation, very little pollution.

What are some of the challenges about EVs?
You do have to plan trips that are anywhere near your full range, and know where you can charge.

What is the funniest or strangest questions reaction you’ve gotten from driving an EV?
I often get disbelief comments at car shows with it.

What’s the most positive reaction someone’s had to your car?
I’ve had a lot of people say they wish Ford would make a EV Truck.

How did you  come to decide convert your Ford F250?
I wanted an EV, and I needed a Truck. Since I was converting with heavy batteries, converting a little truck was pointless, as just the batteries would overload it’s suspension. I wanted to still be able to haul a couple thousand pounds of lumber in the bed after converting it.

How long did  the conversion take?
12 months or so? (I’m not sure)

Will you ever go back to driving an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)?
I have to now and then due to pulling a 10,000 lb trailer, or long distance. Someday I hope to have an EV that can handle those trips.

What else would you like the word to know about electric cars?
FUN!!! I get better acceleration than the diesel version of the same truck.

Lastly, if members of the public have questions, are you willing to be contacted? And how?
Yes, all the time. Phone or Email

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