Chevy S-10 Electrified

Img of Larry Ryan & His Converted Chevy s-10

Name: Larry Ryan  Car Year: 1996 Make: Chevrolet  Model: S-10 conversion
Range: 50 miles  Battery Pack Size: 15 KW  DC-Charge Capable? No

  1. Why did you choose to drive electric?Mostly engineering curiosity.  It was my choice of retirement project  When I retired June, 2007.  My inquiry problem was:  can you replace the V6 gas engine in the S-10 with an electric motor and still have a useful vehicle?  The answer, of course, is YES!
  2. How long have you had your EV10 years
  3. Have you had any range issues?The 50 mile range is suitable for 99% or my driving.
  4. Do you use it more as a daily driver-commuter or do you do long road  trips?It is my daily driver and has been for the last 9 years.
  5.  Have you had any issues with your EV?Yes, a number of issues. When it was first built, there were a few wiring mistakes that caused weird problems. Now its bug free.  It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.
  6.    What are the 3 BEST things about driving electric?Thing #1: Fun to drive,  #2: It makes you acutely aware of energy use when driving – a good thing,  #3: Its a real conversation starter where ever I go.
  7.  What are some of the challenges about EVs?Freeway driving:  unless its rush hour, it takes considerable energy  compared to side streets.
  8. What is the funniest or strangest questions reaction you’ve gotten  from driving an EV?During a car show, I always get a few skeptics with generally negative comments about EVs or misguided conspiracy theories. But the funniest and most positive happened twice. The first of these happened on Bothell Way while stopped at the traffic light in Kenmore. The passenger in the car beside me sees the “Electric Conversion” on the side of my truck and asks “did you do that yourself?” “Yes”, I say. Then for the next 5 miles to Lake City he stays beside me (impeding traffic of course) quizzing me on the how and why of my EV.  We had quite a chat. It happened again on the corner of Market and 15th NW in Ballard. We talked car to car on 15th NW all the way to Greenwood.  “How did you do it?” “Why?”  I have also displayed the truck at various schools: UW Bothell, Bellevue HS, Bellevue College, Seattle Academy HS and middle school, and Kenmore Middle School. At all locations the students were very curious and enthusiastic.
  9.   If your car is a conversion, how did you decide to do that  conversion?I got the idea for my Chev S-10 at a car show in Edmonds. On display was a red GMC Sonoma conversion owned by a Woodinville engineer. I decided I wanted to convert that truck or one similar. I choose a Chev S-10 with extended cab.
  10.  How long did it take?1 year.
  11.  Will you ever go back to driving an ICE engine?I still own an ICE gas burning, exhaust belching car. Its my long distance vehicle. Also, it accounts for the majority of gas and repair costs.
  12.  What else would you like the world to know about electric cars? They are here to stay and getting better and better.
  13. Lastly, if members of the public have questions, are you willing to
    be contacted?Yes: 


Img of Larry Ryan's Chevy S-10 EV conversion
Image of Motor Compartment in Larry Ryan’s converted Chevy S-10


Img of Larry Ryan dropping in the electric motor during his Chevy S-10 EV Conversion
Dropping in the electric motor during the conversion build


Img of Larry Ryan's Chevy S-10 Coversion
Photo of Larry Ryan’s converted Chevy S-10 at the Kirkland. WA 4th of July Parade

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