BOARD Meeting Minutes: May 14, 2019

SEVA Board Meeting  14 May 2019

Board Members attending: Jay Donnaway, president; Grace Reamer, vice-president; Lee Howard, secretary; Brian Henderson, treasurer.  Also attending, Phil Skoog.

Pay $75 for the XXX RootBeer show to Life Enrichment Options, motion passed.

5 car shows in September listed.

Jeff Finn requests that we deposit $10K at Express Credit Union.  Motion passed to wait on a decision.

That to do with the donation money… undecided.  We agreed to continue to push the EAA for directors’ insurance.

Whether to pursue VW money… ?  No motion.

Whether to partner with Forth… ?  No motion.

Possible discussion on additional EV tab fees.  Possible to discuss at the end of today’s meeting.

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