Owner Profiles


Image Chad Hohn With His LEAF Chad Hohn – “I haven’t paid for gas in 2 years!” - I have driven over 26,000 miles in just under 2 years. The most exciting part of owning a Leaf is the fact that it has so much available instant torque. Oh, did I mention it is up to date with Bluetooth music and calling, backup camera, USB ports, LED headlights, and a solar panel on the spoiler to charge the 12v battery that runs electronics inside.
Nissan LEAF: 100% Electric, Zero % Gas Mark and Sara – “We absolutely love our Leaf!” - We typically drive the Leaf about 25 miles a day during the work week and plug the Leaf into our garage's 110V outlet at around 7pm every other night and leave it plugged in until about 7am the next morning. With that we get about a 60% charge which can power us for three days comfortably. So far we have never needed to charge the Leaf outside our house.


Image of Grace Reamer & Her Coda EV Grace Reamer – “I Was A Late Adopter, until EVs” - I still remember my first time behind the wheel of an EV. I was unprepared for the dramatic difference from driving a gasoline car. As soon as your foot touches the accelerator, it is uncanny to feel such power catapulting you forward, instantly and silently, without the roar of a gasoline engine. This must be what it's like in a rocket headed to the moon.


Kenneth G. Johnsen & His TESLA Model S Kenneth Johnsen – “I changed from my belief that hydrogen would eventually power our cars.” - I have never enjoyed a car as much as I am enjoying my Model S. I still have the S-10EV and the Leaf--can't bear to part with them--but the Tesla is the car of the future. With its 300 mile range, my driving is not confined to the Seattle area anymore. I love it!!


Steve Lough Steven Lough – “To convert a gas car to electric, is the highest form of recycling.” - Steven Lough has been a leader in local efforts to popularize Electric Vehicles for over 33 years. His family GM Dealership took on a line of commercially built electric vehicles back in 1980. Soon after that Steven became the President of the local EV Club, the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association.