Description:  Modify the Washington State Utilities and Transportion “public interest standard” to include environmental good and other public interest items they currently can’t consider and/or re-define “energy conservation” to include transportation energy conservation.

Why This Should Be Supported:  Washington’s electric utilities are in an excellent position to invest in public and private electric vehicle infrastructure.  They have the skills, people, money to build and support electric vehicle charging networks.  By simply allowing our electric utilities to compete in this area would be a win-win for all stakeholders.


  1. Allow EV credits to meet I-937 mandates
  2. Pass clear legislative authority to WUTC on EVs
  3. Encourage utilities to have EV transportation departments as in California and Oregon
  4. Enact EV reporting requirements for utilities
  5. Create a utility requirement for used EV batteries.

Estimated State Costs:  $0

Legislative Summary:  The UTC recently approved Puget Sound Energy’s proposal to provide $500 rebates for residential Level 2 home charging equipment in their electric service area.  PSE also is trying to get approval to use ratepayer money to install compressed natural gas filling stations – seems like a similar argument can be made for EV “filling stations”.  There is a mandate for CNG in the RCW.  Also give manufacturers tax breaks if they deploy and maintain a network of charging stations.