Description:  Repeal the portions of HB 2524 and SB 6272 passed in 2014 that limit or restrict Tesla and other direct to consumer vehicle sales.

Why This Should Be Supported:  Instead of encouraging free market competition this legislation stifles it.  It goes even further by restricting existing individual dealers from offering electric or any other new technology vehicles because it requires that all dealers must install service equipment for those new vehicles before any single dealer can offer electric vehicles for sale.


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Estimated State Costs:  $0.

Legislative Summary:  HB 2524 was originally sponsored by Representatives Kirby, Vick, Ryu, Chandler, Blake, Santos, Stanford, Zeiger, Hurst, Fagan, Takko, Habib, Harris, Sullivan, Kretz, MacEwen, Wylie, Moeller, Morrell, Haigh, Freeman, Springer and Stonier.  SB 6272 was originally sponsored by Senators Hewitt, Conway, Holmquist Newbry, King, Fain, Hobbs, Hasegawa, Cleveland, Rolfes, Hill, Rivers, Dammeier, Keiser, Kohl-Welles, and Angel.