Description:  All registered electric vehicles are required to pay an annual $100 license renewal fee, in lieu of paying Washington’s gas taxes.  We recommend amending the law to either remove the $100 fee for electric motorcycles and mopeds/scooters or reduce it to a bi-partisan supported fee of $30.

Why This Should Be Supported:  Charging a $100 annual fee equates to 267 gallons of gasoline.  While some motorcyclists commute on their motorcycle, many simply drive them for pleasure.  Given that most motorcycles get twice the gas mileage and are generally driven fewer miles than passenger vehicles, it is unfair to subject them to a law designed for electric cars and commuting, not motorcycles and mopeds/scooters.  It is even more unfair to levy the fee on mopeds and scooters as they are designed for slower speeds and city travel.


  1. Remove the fee.
  2. Charge the $100 fee upon first purchase or change of ownership and then remove the fee.
  3. Reduce the fee to $30 – an amount with bi-partisan support.

Estimated State Costs:

Costs based on DOL Licensing data

Model Year Nbr Registered Vehicles Description DOL Revenue ($100/year) DOL Revenue ($30/year)
2014 ?
2013 ?
2012 6 Motor Cycle & Moped $600 $180
2011 9 Motor Cycle $900 $270
2010 16 Motor Cycle & Moped $1,600 $480
2009 19 Motor Cycle & Moped $1,900 $570
2008 46 Motor Cycle & Moped $4,600 $1,380

Recent Legislative Actions:  In 2014, HB 2689 and SB 6286 bills were introduced proposing to reduce the annual $100 electric vehicle registration renewal fee for electric motorcycles to $30.  Representative Bergquist and Senator Mullet (Senate Transportation Committee) voted it out with a unanimous “Do Pass” prior to the bill’s Fiscal Note being available. House Transportation Committee voted it out with a majority “Do Pass” and minority “Do Not Pass.” Both moved their new fee up and down to meet at $30 in the middle for the annual fee. We think it would have been unanimous in the House if the bill’s Fiscal Note hadn’t shown that the Dept. of Licensing would need ~$155,000 to implement the change.  Legislators are attempting to get the DOL to lower its estimate to $0 before the bills come to a full vote of the respective Houses. Representatives Bergquist, Magendanz, Fitzgibbon, Walkinshaw, Kochmar, Rodne, Ryu, Gregerson, and Tarleton also supported the bill.  A summary of the fiscal impact as provided by the Department of Licensing is shown below.  The full fiscal note is provided in Attachment #3.