SEVA Meeting Minutes – March 2019

SEVA Meeting Minutes – 12 March 2019

Board Members attending:
Jay Donnaway (president), Grace Reamer (vice-president), Mark Yormark (treasurer), Lee Howard (secretary)

Jay opened the meeting…

Shannon Walker – shared mobility consultant and now of Seattle DOT “new mobility” team.

  •  “new mobility playbook” – the idea is to be ahead of the developments in order to have some input in shaping the developments
  •  Seattle goal: carbon neutral by 2050, 20% EVs by 2030
  •  current work: EV charging in the right of way permit, through public space management permit, L2 or DC fast charger, meeting pilot requirements, 2 DC fast chargers have been permitted and more in the queue, equitable access, inform future investments
  •  key findings: information gaps persist, perceived high cost barriers, concerns over loss of parking, need for reliable transportation, safety concerns

Shannon Walker <>

Jeff Fynn – senate bill 58-7 passed, referred to the House committee for a public hearing.  Health benefits to transportation electrification.  5811 ZEV mandate for Washington.  RUC pilot program meeting on Thursday.  Will send out the rationale sheet to the mailing list.  Need a list of ZEV-only vehicles.

New visitors or new members were named by Jay Donnaway.

Stephen Johnson – EV roadtrip recap.  E-Copo Camaro (built in North Bend, Washington), showed E-Copo Camaro first race, showed Pomono race.  RAV4 EV update and road trip home from California.  The trip is now manageable using DC fast charging.  Earth Day EV car show coming up in April sometime after the SEVA meeting.

Jay Donnaway conducted the election… Jay moved that Brian Henderson be elected as treasurer and Grace Reamer as vice-president.  Motion was seconded.  A vote was taken, and there were none opposing.

Grace Reamer explained what the heck has been going on at Tesla.  Store closures were announced back in late February.  Tesla backpedaled on that plan.  Thursday the Model Y is unveiled.  The $35K Model 3 is now for sale.  Supercharger V3 upgrades.

Stephen Lough – talked about his recent charger repair inside his Mitsubishi iM-EV from wreck parts out of Texas.

Jay Donnaway discussed cars and coffee at the shop.

First time attendee was introduced.

Raffle was drawn.



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