SEVA Meeting Minutes – June 2024

Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

June 11, 2024 meeting minutes

The June 11, 2024 membership meeting of the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association took place at the Rivian Showroom meeting space, 4601 26th Ave NE, in University Village, Seattle.

Prior to the meeting, numerous members met on the upper level of the garage across the street to show and discuss electric vehicles. Among them were two new Cybertrucks, a Tesla Roadster and several conversions.

At 7:05 pm, Kevin Boze issued the cry and President Jay Donnaway called the meeting to order.

Jay observed that there were many summer events coming up, including Greenwood.

Abbey came forward to invite everyone to Cars & Coffee at the Bakke Coffee Museum, 4600 Shilshole Rd NW, Seattle, July 20 from 10am to 3 pm. Seva member conversions and other electrical vehicles will be on display and there will be Free Coffee! Contact Rollie and Jay to sign up.

Two weeks ago, Ryan and Stephen were at Moses Lake, playing in the sand. Stephen had an Electric Sand Rail that suffered an axle failure, due to the high torque of the newly installed electric motor. A Rivian with a Refrigerator in the back, on a cross country tour of the USA was video’d racing the dunes.

There were numerous Sand Drag Races, including Ryan’s new Cybertruck. A video of Stephen’s Lightning beating a Cybertruck (not Ryan’s) in a Sand Drag went viral and may help Stephen’s driving career!
* Quick video from the Tesla Dash Cams of three of my (Ryan’s) drag races:
* 20240525 CyberTruck Dunes Plasma (Includes (Ryan’s) Tesla Cam Footage)
* Cybertruck gets smashed by (Stephen’s) Ford Lightning at a Moses Lake Sand Dune drag race! Pretty crazy!

Greenwood Car Show is Happening! June 27 – Only the Parade is Canceled
There is a link for Signup @ the SEVA Calendar SEVA Events
The cutoff date is June 22, name the club to get your registration paid by SEVA. Rollie and Rob will be sharing details. This is our biggest event of the year.

Formula E will be racing in Portland, same weekend as Greenwood.
Alan Berliege dropped by from VEVA, Canada and invited us to Electrify Everything, September 6-8 in Vancouver.
Return to Renton Car Show is July 7.

John Risso of Stabuli Electric Connectors told us about a 1 megawatt charging connector and showed us a sample. Connectors for 1,500 amps exist and 3,000 amp units are in development. Both have cooling for the connectors and conductors, but the 3,000 amp units are cooled on both ends. For charging tug boats and ferries, 6.6 kV automated units will be available. Systems are in place for mining and terminal and port trucks. 7.5 Megawatt fully automated systems are coming for Mining and Heavy Machinery. They are also working on cut resistant cables.

Rob shared more nuggets from the survey.
Grace pointed out that globally, 1.2 million electric vehicles were sold in April (includes hybrids). There is solid demand for electric with sales up 25% over last year.
Numerous developments and projects were discussed, including that Mark’s CorVolt is running!

Jay announced that the board is considering the professionalization of one or more positions in in effort to keep up and growing.

The meeting adjourned at 8:09 and many members adjourned to the roof of the south parking garage for further discussions.

By Eric Eskilson, SEVA Secretary

Zoom/YouTube Meeting Recording(s):
: YouTube: 20240611 Meeting