Board Meeting Minutes- November 2017

SEVA Board Meeting Minutes:  18th of November 2017

Called to order at 10:00 am, Renton Public Library

Officers Present (Full Quorum):

Stephen Johnsen, President
Mark Schiller, Vice-President
Mark Yormark, Treasurer
Kevin Boze, Secretary
Philip Skoog, Events Coordinator

Treasurer’s Report:   Mark Yormark presented the accounting report for the previous year.  As of 7 Oct 2017, SEVA has $4,542.73 in its account.

Election of New Officers:  SEVA Board recognizes that the terms of President and Secretary will become vacant in 2018. There will be an election called per SEVA’s By-Laws in February of 2018 to elect new officers.  The call is open now to the membership for volunteers and nominations for the offices of President and Secretary.  The February election and call for nominations will be posted to the website and mentioned at every meeting between now and the event itself. The outgoing officers are tasked with writing informal “job descriptions” to be provided to the incoming officers.

Acquisition of Laptop:  The Board has entertained discussion about acquiring a dedicated laptop and a sound system to facilitate presentations.  President Johnsen has presented his top choices as the result of a great deal of in-store and online research. President Johnsen’s vision is for a SEVA meeting backpack “kit” which can hold everything necessary to run an effective SEVA meeting with high quality, dedicated equipment for presentations. An HDMI-to-VGA adapter will likely need to be procured in order to keep using the existing projector but that will be much cheaper than a new projector.  Motion has been approved to invest up to $1,000 for such a presentation system, and President Johnsen has been placed in charge of making the actual purchases.

Text of Resolution to Seattle City Light:  The Resolution to Seattle City Light, as read by Jay Donaway at the November general meeting, has been accepted as written.  Some minor grammatical changes will be made and the Resolution will be passed on to Seattle City Light.

Phishing Alert:  SEVA needs to be made aware that the organization has been targeted multiple times by persons attempting Phishing scams. This problem is endemic and becoming worse.  The Board and the membership are reminded to be cautious and skeptical about emails, and to follow the usual protocols when opening emails or clicking on links.

As a result of multiple “imposters” posing as Mr. Johnsen and messaging other  board members for money, the SEVA Board email has been made more private and secure now.  Much thanks to Ryan Fulcher who suggested a plan of action and was given the go-ahead by President Johnsen so that members of the public can still send messages through some other filtered means.

The membership is encouraged to use the general SEVA mailing list or to message officers directly using known email addresses or the ones listed on the SEVA website. If a message seems suspicious, it is worth looking closer to see the actual email address it has been sent from because all of the “imposter” messages were from strange email addresses even though at first glance the name might appear to be “Stephen Johnsen”

SEVA Brochure Re-Design:  The Board has voted to approve a measure to re-design SEVA’s brochure.  Grace Reamer has been put in charge of this project, and will present a re-designed brochure to the Board at a later time! This is great news as it will be very nice for SEVA to have a more modern, educational handout which can be given out by members at EVents etc.

SEVA Holiday Party:  Nissan Eastside has extended the invitation to SEVA to hold its holiday party at its new EV facility.  The address is 11839 NE 8th St, Bellevue, 98005. The date and time are Dec 12th, 2017 from 6pm-9pm.  Philip Skoog and President Johnsen will accept the task to arrange for the party and the ticketing.  The seating will be limited to 150 persons, and it will be very important to RSVP for this event so that Nissan can order the appropriate amount of food.

Relationship with the EAA:  The SEVA Board will draft a letter to the EAA, specifying a specific dollar amount to be paid from individual SEVA member dues, in order to retain the benefits of remaining associated with the EAA, while assuming full responsibility for SEVA’s own membership.

SEVA Vision:  Board entertained some discussion about vision.  What can be done to increase membership, what SEVA wants to see in a future member, and what SEVA can offer those members in order to attract member participation and making meeting time more valuable.

The idea of having some specific social events (likely with food/drinks) which would be separate from the general monthly meetings was discussed. It was decided that SEVA could kick it off with the Holiday Party (which will be fully catered thanks to Phil Skoog’s conversing with Eastside Nissan folks). Depending upon the outcome of this, President Johnsen and some others felt that perhaps a quarterly social EVent (BBQ, etc.) would be a good idea.

Car Show Events:  The previous strategy to divide car shows among the Board members has proven to be a successful one and members will be taking on various EVents this coming year as well as working together for NDEW.

Also, a motion was passed that effective 2019, SEVA intends to limit its participation at the Issaquah XXX Root Beer shows from two events per year to one event in the spring. A location for the fall NDEW show (such as the Seattle Center or Bellevue Park) with greater foot traffic of random-passers-by will be sought out.

Secretary Boze will take responsibility for researching getting its own liability insurance for greater protection at future car shows.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Submitted:  Kevin Boze, Secretary

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