SEVA Meeting Minutes – January 2023

Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

Jan 10, 2023 meeting minutes

Billy, Charlie and Jay

The winner of the SEVA Super Advocate Award trophy was revealed by President Jay Donnaway (right) at the January 2023 meeting of the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association. Presented for the first time in three years due to pandemic delays, the award went to SEVA Board Treasurer Charlie Tsai (left), in gratitude for his work keeping SEVA’s finances and tax filings in order, as well as for sharing his expertise in converting classic cars to all-electric drive. Congratulations and many thanks for your work, Charlie!

The monthly membership meeting of the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association was on Jan. 10, 2023 at First Church of the Nazarene in Wallingford. At 7:02 p.m., former Scribe Kevin Boze issued the cry to call the meeting to order.

NEW ATTENDEES – Kay is a new Bolt owner. Her neighborhood is full of Teslas. Dean is a friend of Tim and Dave. Jay Farber drives a 1979 VW Bug. Jay’s father also attended.

POLICY UPDATE – Washington State has a new EV Coordinating Council, and SEVA member Jeremy Smithson of Puget Sound Solar has been appointed to the council’s advisory group.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE – As 2023 is an odd-numbered year, the 105-day “long session” of the Washington Legislature has convened. SEVA Vice President Grace Reamer reported that HB 1183 will prohibit Washington from adopting California clean-car standards. It probably won’t get a hearing, but if it does, we’ll need to turnout to express opposition. SB 5092, sponsored by Sen. King, expands the sales- and use-tax exemption to all hybrids, rather than just plug-ins, but the governor is opposed as it could divert funds away from BEVs and transportation solutions that do more to curb carbon emissions.

EV TAX CREDITS – Jeff Finn said that when guidelines on battery sourcing requirements are issued in March for Inflation Reduction Act tax credits, many vehicles will not qualify. To qualify for existing tax credits, buyers will want to have a purchase contract before March 1. Ryan Fulcher said that starting in March, the tax credit qualification rules are tied to the geographic origin of the battery’s material and the location of the battery’s assembly. Starting in 2024, the rebate will be applied by the dealer upon sale. The national EVA policy team has put together a presentation with lots of details about the IRA provisions at EVs and the Inflation Reduction Act – Google Slides.

WINTER EV HEATING SOLUTIONS – Two members shared their solutions for keeping EV cabins warm in the winter without eating up too much range. Larry Ryan converted a Chevy S10 pickup and described his solution for cabin heating using state-of-the-art heat pump components. Joe Hughes from Portland used a unique radiant-heat solution, a far-infrared “comfort film,” to heat his Nissan Leaf. He uses the AC version of this product. It comes in tiles which can be cut and wired. He plugs it into an 1100-watt inverter. He said it’s 99.69 percent efficient. Each panel outputs 69 BTU/h.

UTILITY PUBLIC CHARGING INSTALLATION – Jay reported that Tacoma Power has updated its EVSE tariff to 21¢/kWh for both level 2 and level 3. This is in response to legislation requiring that all publicly owned EVSEs must either be free of charge to use, or offer a per-kWh rate. All Level 3 stations will have dual-standard plugs. Grace reported that Secretary Billy Kreuter’s wife, Judy Blinder, has retired from Seattle City Light. (Billy noted that he retired the same day, Dec. 31, from the University of Washington staff.) Victor Couto, the manager for SCL’s program for public-charging stations, was invited to the meeting but was not able to attend. He will be assisted by staff from Judy’s former unit, which does rate design. DC fast charge rates will be 36¢/kWh peak, 21¢/kWh overnight. Level 3 is being built out very slowly. A different program is installing curbside level 2 equipment this spring on utility poles at sites yet to be revealed.

EVENTS – Grace reported that Express Credit Union will be hosting an Earth Day event like last year’s, which drew 10 cars. Express CU specializes in energy-efficiency loans, and wishes to loan to communities that are underserved for transportation electrification. The location this year is to be the Duwamish River Community Hub, South Cloverdale Street and 16th Avenue South. There would be a $120 charge to reserve the parking lot, which can accommodate only sixteen cars. In addition, First Church of the Nazarene in Wallingford (where SEVA meets) has available multiple parking lots for rent for an event, which seems promising because neighboring Dick’s Drive-In draws a lot of traffic. Also, SEVA has been invited to participate in the Mercer Island Leap for Green Sustainability Fair on April 22.

ANNUAL MEETING – Grace gave notice that the President and the Treasurer of SEVA will be elected at the Feb. 14 annual membership meeting. Jay and Charlie acknowledged that they will accept renomination and election in the absence of hoped-for other candidates for the board positions of President and Treasurer. Additional nominations will be accepted until the meeting at

FEATURED VEHICLE – Ryan Fulcher made a Day One reservation for a Ford F-150 Lightning. He paid sticker price for it on Dec. 31, thus receiving the pre-IRA tax credit. It has Blue Cruise, and he carries a bunch of EVSEs and adapters in the frunk that he can use for charging other vehicles because the F-150 has two-way J1772.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Jay announced that he has a Ford Ranger EV for sale. There’s also a Ranger for sale on Orcas Island. Jay said he spent Christmas break driving his father’s Polestar 2.

Jay adjourned the meeting at 8:27 p.m.

Minutes drafted by Billy Kreuter, and edited and posted by Grace Reamer.

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