SEVA Meeting Minutes – February 2023

Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

Feb 14, 2023 meeting minutes
President Jay Donnaway was absent. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Grace Reamer, who called it to order at 7:01 p.m.

The SEVA Super Advocate Award trophy has been engraved to note its award last month to Treasurer Charlie Tsai.

ANNUAL MEETING – Secretary Billy Kreuter read the sections of the minutes of SEVA’s February 2022 annual meeting regarding the board election and the treasurer’s report. Charlie provided this year’s treaturer’s report. Expenses were higher during the past year as car shows resumed post-pandemic. The biggest expense was $650 for the Greenwood Car Show. The bank balance as of Feb. 1 was $25,517.

BOARD ELECTION – The offices of President and Treasurer were up for electrion to two-year terms. Jay and Charlie, respectively, were nominated for re-election. There were no other nominations. Jay and Charlie were re-elected unanimously by a show of hands.

Grace is compiling a SEVA position paper about EV-related bills under consideration in Olympia. She reported that the bad bills probably aren’t going anywhere, except for the gas-station bailout bill. That one is advancing in the House despite increasing opposition. Eric said that the fact that its Senate hearing was cancelled makes it likely that there’s significant opposition that Senate leaders don’t want derailing the bill.
Regarding the school-bus electrification bill, Roland said he’s started driving a school bus and was struck by the effectiveness of regeneration in reducing brake wear and brake-pad dust pollution.
Grace suggested support for the Keep Washington Evergreen specialty-plate bill, which would fund EV charging installation. No one objected.
Brian Grunkemeyer suggested that, rather than SEVA flat-out opposing the sales-tax exemption expansion, it might stand a better chance to amend it to apply only to high-mileage plug-in-hybrids.
Two e-bike bills would expand bicycle-trail use to allow e-bikes; one of the bills applies only to disabled riders. Larry Ryan commented that e-bikes are less of a problem than trail users who train for distance rides or for competition. Larry said the same restrictions ought to apply to e-bikes and non-motorized bicycles.
Regarding the bill to address destruction of public EVSEs, Billy asked why the sale of cannibalized EVSE parts isn’t already illegal. Grace said that the law would require identifying EVSE parts, facilitating proof of theft and demonstrating that the buyer as well as the seller are engaged in criminal commerce. Larry Ryan said that he’s found that malfunctioning stations are a bigger problem than vandalized ones. Ryan Fulchur said that Plugshare is a tool that can create performance metrics for EVSEs. Brian said that with good metrics, a provider like Electrify America could be fined for not meeting the terms of the Inflation Reduction Act.
Regarding standards for autonomous vehicles, Ryan suggested that SEVA should not take a position.
Washington State EV Coordinating Council Advisory Committee – Jay and Grace applied for the positions representing stakeholder non-profits, but neither was selected. Tonia Buell was selected to represent state employees working on transportation electrification. Jeremy Smithson was selected to represent solar and EV charging installers. The first meeting was Feb. 15.
SEVA is hosting two local events for Drive Electric Earth Day, both on Saturday, April 22. Leap for Green Earth Day Fair will be held 10-2 at Mercer Island Community and Event Center, 8236 SE 24th St. The South Park Earth Day EV Show will be held 12-3 at Duwamish River Community Hub, 8600 14th Ave. S. Sign up early; space at both is limited. Go to
The Kitsap EV Fair will be held May 20 on Bainbridge Island. Grace has been invited to present, and more vehicles are needed for the exhibit.
Charlie said that Stephen Johnsen contacted Bellevue College, which wants to resume the EV display they used to have before the pandemic.
The Greenwood Car Show is scheduled this year for Saturday, June 24. SEVA needs a volunteer to coordinate its entry.
Chris Royalty asked about SEVA having a presence at a farmer’s market that gives discount rates for non-profits. Grace said that is a good idea, especially if it can be arranged for enough space for more than one car. Non-profit stalls usually are limited to 10×10 feet.
Mark Yormark gave an update about his 12-year conversion project, the Corvolt. For the past 2½ years he’s had Charlie’s assistance. They’ve done successful troubleshooting of several of the circuits. Most recently they’ve programmed the inverters. It may be ready to turn over in a few weeks.
Charlie reported that Stephen Johnsen and he have gotten the farm-delivery truck running. They’re using a product to interface with their Tesla battery pack’s BMS, in order to complete the on-board charging system.
Grace adjourned the meeting at 8:13 p.m. Attendees were thanked for taking time to join the meeting on Valentine’s Day.

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