SEVA Meeting Minutes – January 2019

SEVA Meeting Minutes 8 January 2019
Board Members Attending:  Jay Donnaway, Lee Howard, Mark Yormark

Jay opened the meeting.

First time attendees were introduced: Vern, Kyle, Herbie, Hal, Peter, Jay, Dan, Kurt

Jay advertised used EVs:  2013 Volt, Mazda RX7 conversion,

Jeff Finn – legislative update:  two Dave Cloud vehicles donated to a museum, instructions on meeting with legislators, sales tax exemption efforts, efforts to get public utilities able to offer incentives, redirect EV registration monies back into EV infrastructure, we will be asked to contact our legislators on specific issues, road usage charging pilot (ended), warning labels on gasoline pumps

Lee Colton – proposed resolution to consider: requiring electrification of free floating parking permits (gradual percentage increase over time)  A motion was made to endorse.  The motion passed with three opposed.

Steven Lough – count Teslas as you travel

Jay – EAA election is contested.  James Richard Stephens has solicited our support.  Membership is currently complementary for 3 months.

Pat McCue – eCopo update (running on a dyno, headed to Phoenix later this month for track runs).  The NHRA understands that EVs are in their future.

Stephen Johnson – the Tesla packs are installed now on the truck, waterproofing, vibration concerns, heating/cooling concerns of packs, SEVA calendars are here

Jay – pusher trailer built out of a VW bug motor

Stephen Johnson – RAV4 EV is still out of commission in repairs in California

Jay – repairs done on iMEV

Lee Colton – Seattle City is taking two charging stations out of commission which are in the public right of way

Mark Yormark – City of Renton pulled all of their Eaton Level 2 EVSEs for disrepair.  They are looking into replacing them with other EVSEs from a private vendor.

10 years of Current EVents and other magazines available.

Raffle drawn.

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