SEVA Meeting Minutes – November 2014

SEVA Meeting Minutes:  November 11, 2014, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 39 persons in attendance.  Vice-President Mark Schiller presiding.

VEHICLE OF THE MONTH – Bruce Oberg showed off his new E-Golf and addressed the membership about the car and (it being a compliance vehicle) the hoops he had to jump through in order to get it.

KICKSTARTER – There is a Kickstarter campaign to launch a new EV-oriented magazine.  People interested in the details should contact President Emeritus Steve Lough.  The campaign will be offering shirts to people who contribute above a certain amount.

SALES – Last month was one of the best months for EV sales ever, with Nissan Leaf leading the pack.

CHRISTMAS PARTY – Dec 20th in Issaquah will be the time and place for our SEVA Christmas meeting.  It has typically been held in a private home, but the size of the membership has grown to the point where we will now have it in a rented facility.

SEVA CALENDARS – Are printed and available.  Treasurer Mark Yormark has them for sale.  Get yours today!

NEW MEMBERS – Six new members!  Welcome!

SOLAR POWER FROM SPACE – Dr. Lewis M. Fraas addressed the membership about Mirror Satellites for Solar Power from Space.

OFF-ROAD VEHICLES ALASKA – 10pm on November 30th on History Channel.  See it!  Manzanita Micro will be featured in this show.

LEGISLATIVE HIGHLIGHTS – Governor Inslee has announced his climate and energy priorities, and EVs are near the top of the list.  The action items include keeping the tax exemptions.  With the new State Legislature, there will be challenges in getting environmental issues to the fore.  You can get involved by contacting John McCoy and get on the “EV Action Hotlist”.

WA STATE EV WORKING GROUP – Has been meeting and trying to create “one voice” to move legislative action forward that benefits the environment in general and EVs in particular.

FAST-CHARGING FOR THE DO-IT-YOURSELFER – The membership was shown some new hardware that may make fast charging easier and less expensive.

TURKEY AUCTION – Steve Lough auctioned off a 14 pound turkey to the membership.

RAFFLE – Congratulations to our Raffle winner, who donated his winnings to the SEVA Christmas Party!