SEVA Meeting Minutes – February 2016

Call to order at 7:10pm.   37 members in attendance.

EV OF THE MONTH – Ford/Azure Transit EV – Kent Bakke’s rare Ford Transit connect EV was the featured EV of the Month. The small van is working great for him despite being sort of an orphan after the Azure Dynamics bankruptcy. He had some issues getting a new key made for it and the Ford dealers were not keen to work on the unique vehicle but the EV drivetrain with its Azure controller and Siemens motor are working well.

SEVA BOARD ELECTIONS – Stephen Johnsen, Philip Skoog, and Kevin Boze were re-elected for SEVA President, SEVA Special Events Coordinator and SEVA Secretary respectively. SEVA Board positions last for two years and approximately half of the board is elected each year thus maintaining some continuity.

Two new members – Pamela Rose (Wallingford), Chris Tsai (Woodinville)

May 22 – It’s time for the 8th Annual RE-FUEL all-electric races at world-famous Laguna Seca Raceway just outside of Salinas, California. Register now if there is still space to bring your EV. Some SEVA members are planning to go down.

Fontleroy ferry terminal parking lot EVSE’s are being removed by Seattle Public Utilities in about 3 weeks.