SEVA Meeting Minutes:  July 11 2017

Called to order. Officers introduced. 34 persons in attendance.

EV OF THE MONTH – Is Jack Rickard’s rare Doka with a Tesla Model S drive unit in it. Jack bought the Doka from our friend Otmar down in Oregon. There was a  BIG response from the meeting when this “overgrown golf cart” laid rubber down the street.

EV NEWS – Tesla Model 3 number 0001 has rolled out, and this has gathered lots of media attention.

  • The Tesla Model X now has a configuration where all the passenger seats can be folded down flat. A Tesla owner has taken the Tesla Model S on a “Cannonball Run” from coast to coast in 51 hours and 47 minutes.
  • France has announced that they will ban the sale of gasoline cars by 2040.  France has already banned vehicles made before 1997 in the Paris Metro area, and diesel vehicles are to be banned by 2025 and will end coal-fired plants by 2022 (an easy thing to do, as France gets less than 5% of its energy from coal).
  • Volvo has launched a new all-electric brand called Polestar, went on to announce that every car they make after 2019 will have an electric motor.
  • Still keeping our eyes open to see what the new Nissan Leaf is going to look like.  It will be officially unveiled just prior to National Drive Electric Week, and will have a self-parking feature.
  • Oregon has put out some new legislation that will feature a suite of rebates and incentives, depending on the circumstances of the purchase people can get rebates up to $5,000 off and low-income folks can even qualify for rebates on used EVs if they get rid of an old internal combustion vehicle!

GREENWOOD CAR SHOW – A big success, as usual.  We were on the street this year, and it was notably better to be on the curb.  We had 27 cars and one motorcycle.  John Lussmeyer suggested we might want to think about safety considerations with our conversions.  Careless fingers can complete circuits, with regrettable results. And “O’Sparky” won Dave Barden the Best in Class Award!!

MERCER ISLAND CAR SHOW – Jeff Finn reports good crowds, lots of kids, and lots of future EV drivers with questions.  Chad noted that – in years past – he had to explain what “Tesla” was.  He doesn’t get that question anymore, noting many people report they either drive Teslas themselves or they have Model 3s on order.  He added “the times are definitely changing.”

NORTHWEST SOLARFEST – Coming up on July 22!  Anything and everything solar will be on display at Shoreline Community College.  Grace encourages everyone to be there at 9:30 for a 10:00 start time.

RENTON RIVER DAYS – Sunday July 23, 10am to 5:30pm and Mark Yormark reports that about one dozen cars are checked in with room for “a couple more”.  Minimal shade, but right in the heart of the visitor traffic, and it is going to be a wonderful opportunity to put the EV word out.  In terms of sheer attendance by “average” non-EV owning public passersby, this one is second only to Greenwood.

SUSTAINABLE BALLARD – On September 9th.  Check the website for details.  It’s a small event, but worth attending.

SHOCK AND AWE – Will be at Woodburn this Thursday through Sunday, although Friday and Saturday will probably be the best time to see “Shock and Awe” do what it does best.

NEW VISITORS – Eric is “interested” in electric cars, doesn’t own one, and is starting the EE program at UW.

A WHOLE LOT OF COPPER – Lee Howard of Main Pine demonstrated his charging unit that has no fewer than seven charging cables.  He has sold over 1,000 units of his single-cable charger in Europe, and now he has brought his circuit maximization technology to a seven-cabler.  Mr. Howard saw a need when he went to the “EV Floor” of the Sea Tac parking lot, and saw that the demand for charging far outweighed the supply.  It is a NEMA 1450 and it is designed to share out the power as the power is needed.  The device is currently undergoing testing so it can be ETL listed.

Inline image 2

FEATURED SPEAKER – CHRIS ROYALTY – Chris did a decision analysis project that asks the question “Which Car Should My Family Buy?”  She confesses that she actively dislikes haggling when buying a used car, and suggested that facts and data would be a superior option over “gut feelings” to determine what the best purchasing choice should be.

If you would like to use the Excel spreadsheet that Chris made to scientifically figure out what might be a good next car for your family or for  additional questions Chris can be reached at:

DRIVE WASHINGTON – Steve Lough shared some of the fledgling group’s progress, including the group’s formal incorporation and their pending involvement with the City of Seattle.

RAFFLE – Congratulations to the winner of $27!!

Adjourned at 9:05