SEVA June 2017 Meeting Minutes

SEVA Meeting Minutes:  June 13 2017, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 49 persons in attendance.


  • Alan came down from B.C. and drove his new Chevy Bolt!
  • Peter was looking for ways to find or increase charging opportunities, recognizing that will be an issue in the future.  He drives a Model S.
  • Adam drives a Fiat 500e and just took it to an Autocross at Bremerton Raceways.

EV of the MONTH:

  • It is not among us, but a Chrysler Pacifica was just spotted “in the wild.” The Pacifica is a plug-in hybrid minivan which is very well appointed with options and has a 33 mile electric only range. Prices start at $43,950. Some members noted that there is a recall now to fix some issues.


  • SEVA in the SEATTLE TIMES – President Emeritus Steve Lough shared his experiences in being the subject of a New York Times article that was also featured in the Seattle Times.
  • SEVA in Natural Awakenings magazine. — President Johnsen was interviewed for the magazine and a great article came out about SEVA and the future of EVs.
  • Members Brian Henderson and Chad Schwitters were interviewed in Everett after the EV roadtrip over Highway 2.


  • The highest-selling Chevy dealer in the State for electric vehicles.  Burien Chev is proud of this fact, and they conspicuously feature EVs in their advertising.


  • The U.S.? Nope. Norway?  Guess again…  China led the world market for EV sales … in addition to selling 16M electric bikes last year.


  • The electric drag car made quite a show in Boise.  The car was “turned down” at first, but turned up again for subsequent runs.  The cold weather was a factor in slower times initially as the batteries warmed up but every run was in the mid 8s!!


  • We have some vouchers for Dick’s in addition to our usual Raffle prize.


  • Some members shared their experiences on the two-day “fun-run” rally across Highway 2.


  • If you are not a member, please consider joining.  If you are a member, please take a moment to make sure your membership is current and that your contact information is up to date.


  • GREENWOOD CAR SHOW JUNE 24 – This is the “Super Bowl” of the car show season. Mark Schiller announced we have 26 reservations so far … let’s work to make this an even bigger number. The after party will be at Maritime Pacific Brewing.
  • MERCER ISLAND CAR SHOW – July 9th.  No fees. No judging.  No pre-registry.  Just show up and tell everyone how much you love your electric car.
  • NW SOLAR FEST – July 22nd at Shoreline Community College.  SEVA usually makes a very good presence at this show … let’s make sure to do it again.
  • RENTON RIVER DAYS – July 23rd.  SEVA will have a particularly advantageous staging area, as we will be close to the food area and will be guaranteed to see a lot of foot traffic.  Treasurer Yormark has the sign-up sheet.
  • SUSTAINABLE BALLARD – September 9th at Ballard Commons.  Billy shared with the membership that this is a nice little low-key show and lots of fun.
  • XXX CAR SHOW – September 17th.  Next to Greenwood, this is our other “huge” show.  Nissan is a corporate sponsor, and it is always a good time.
  • FATHER’S DAY IN BURIEN!! – It is NOT too late to bring your EV to this event.  Contact Grace Reamer for more details.

DID YOUR LEAF BREAK A WINDSHIELD OR OTHER GLASS?  — Not to worry … El Presidente Stephen has the scoop on how to quickly and efficiently change your Leaf quarter glass. The presentation noted that the 2011 and 2012 front vent glass windows cost about $200 where as the 2013-2016 front vent windows can be found for $70 to $100 and they fit just fine. This is likely because the early windows were Japanese made and the later ones are made here in the States.

DRIVE ELECTRIC WASHINGTON UPDATE – Ron shared with the membership regarding the birth and the early stages of this new, statewide group.  There are 18 members on the steering committee.  If you want to join up, please contact Ron through the SEVA website.  Among the things Ron shared is the emergence of using IT to communicate in virtual meetings, officially forming as a non-profit organization, and authoring the by-laws (a work in progress).

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.

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