SEVA Meeting Minutes – November 2015

SEVA Meeting Minutes: November 10, 2015, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 41 persons in attendance.

WELCOME TO NEW VISITORS! We have six new people who are here for the first time! Many of you are curious about conversions, and all we can say is: You’ve come to the right place!

SEVA was pleased to have Representative Dick Muri in attendance. Representative Muri is not only a politician in Olympia but an avid Nissan LEAF driver and electric vehicle enthusiast.

Also, one new face at the meeting was a gentleman named Ryan who last attended a SEVA meeting in 1981! He had converted an Austin America and was wondering if it is still around or what became of it. If anybody knows please email us.

NOVEMBER’S EV of the MONTH – Deb Seymour shared a song she wrote about the totaling of her EV. Wish we had a recording of it! Deb, maybe you could send us a music file and we could post it on our website? Although it was sad to see a crunched LEAF, Deb (and the rest of us) are very happy that she is okay and the LEAF protected her and her passenger in the crash. Deb is planning to get a 2016 Nissan LEAF with the bigger 30kWh battery to replace it.

SEVA’S HOLIDAY PARTY IS AT TESLA SEATTLE! – 435 Westlake Ave N is the place. For the December meeting, we can meet any time after 6:00 pm. It will be a potluck. Let’s have people with last names A-G bring desserts, H-M bring main dishes, and N-Z bring salads and side dishes. Ask everyone to bring some beverages. We have coolers, but SEVA could provide some ice. We also will need plates, napkins and cups. We have lots of plastic utensils. We also have a microwave but no other way to keep things hot, so bring crock pots and extension cords.

NO-GAS DAY UPDATE – Lee attended Coltura’s No Gas Day and updated the membership about the activities surrounding the gas station near Seattle Center. The gas station did not allow Lee to charge his car at the 110v outlet.

CHAD SCHWITTERS and the AUTO INDUSTRY, PART 2 – Chad presented a follow-up to his excellent presentation from last month’s meeting. Hopefully, we can get the outline posted to our website, so that people can see the PowerPoint presentation.

BOTHELL HIGH SCHOOL’S DRAGSTER – 800 volts of pulse-pounding excitement! But how much abuse will the Cobalt battery chemistry take? That’s the point of some experiments. Some batteries were shown being tested to the point of explosive failure, and President Johnsen shared some videos. The point was “are EV batteries all that scary? Are they as dangerous as people say? And the answer turns out to be no. Surprisingly the lithium-cobalt cells did not explode from being repeatedly punctured and they took many minutes and much higher voltage to actually cause damage and fire, and normal charging and battery management systems would prevent this.

CONVERTING? SEE DAVE CLOUD! – Mr. Cloud reminded many of the hobbyists and people planning home conversions that he has lots of parts available.Dave has converted more cars than anyone in the group and in addition to a Geo EV for sale, he is trying to get rid of his impressive parts collection at blow out prices so call Dave and make an offer: 425-788-9293 or email him at

SEVA CALENDARS FOR 2016 – Please email high resolution EV photos to Stephen Johnsen at:
For inclusion in the 2016 SEVA Calendar which will be ready at the December 8th SEVA Holiday Party.
Meeting adjourned 9:00 pm